My ever thoughtful mom bought me a G.I. JOE t-shirt today. I love it. Apparently they’ve also released the old cartoon seasons on dvd this week. Eager to watch those again and see if it really was as good as I idolized it to be. I’m a little nervous for the movie release this summer as they’ve introduced a strange twist by giving all the characters acceleration suits. Was the original cartoon of ninja’s, military, masked men, chameleon skinned men and women not rich enough already?

iPhone 3GS

Got a new white iPhone 3GS 32GB today. It’s very peppy. Now I’m in the process of updating to 3.01 then backing up and restoring my 3G transferring that to the 3GS then moving Daria onto the 3G then unlocking her iPhone 2G for spare usage at this point. Ah the joy and the pain of new iPhone hardware.


Noah: “Mom, you make my heart feel so happy!”

The baby is kicking

For the last 10 days Daria has been telling me the baby is moving and kicking. Yesterday, that same baby kicked hard enough for me to feel it. Which, of course, brought a big grin upon my face. I still find this whole experience exciting. There is something magical about a new life, and I’m so grateful for this baby and the palpable sign that he or she is alive and well. That little push meant so much to me after watching what Daria has gone through this year. Daria also had an ultrasound this week and the little baby looks pretty cute in profile. I counted fingers and toes and we’re all good. Unfortunately, the radiologist technician wasn’t willing to try and identify the baby’s sex so we are still in the dark there. Perhaps a follow-up...


I’m headed to Vancouver this week for the Pacific Dental Conference. I’m excited because I’ll be taking courses in Sleep Apnea, Botox, and Invisalign. It is also a great chance to spend with some of my team, learning together. Just as exciting (okay more exciting) is the opportunity to see my British Columbia family. My two dental assistants have never been to Vancouver and one of them has never been on a plane! I’m excited for them to see all there is to see, and for them to have their first big conference experience. I really believe in trying to help those around me grow and reach their potential and goals and it is wonderful to have assistants that really are eager to grow.

Hanging with Liz and Kent

Last night we traveled to Calgary to stay with the Cranmers and be with our soon-to-be daughter Serenity. It was great time together. I really enjoyed watching the cousins play. The adults stayed up late just talking, reminiscing and laughing. Saturday we just hung around the house stopping for eggs benedict and pizza structured around games movies chatting and play. Now we are off to see Australia leaving the kids with sitters. UPDATE: Just returned from Australia and it was superb. Had me teary about ten times. I was very impressed with the themes and story the performances direction and cinematography. Oscars are on the way.


The past couple of nights I’ve stolen an hour or so to paint a room with my four boys. I love the feeling of working alongside my family on a project. The boys are all quite proud of their handiwork and the paint job turned out great. It was quite adorable when Brigs and Joshua painted their names on the wall. A classic moment.

A Weekend to Remember

We traveled to Calgary this weekend to spend more time with our soon-to-be daughter, currently going by the name of Serenity. Our time with Serenity kicked off at a Church Christmas party with a dinner, program, and dance. The highlight was watching Serenity dance– the girl has rhythm and energy! I even had my first dance with her which was a great moment. She has really already formed a strong attachment to Daria which is so cute to watch. Saturday Serenity came over to spend time with the boys at my in-laws. Joshua’s characteristic instinct to love and protect has already kicked in and he has been so tender and loving about and with Serenity. She is a fun little girl who loves to laugh and play and has a good nature about her. Noah loved seeing...

A Brightness of Hope

Nephi said: Wherefore, ye must press forward with a steadfastness in Christ, having a perfect brightness of hope, and a love of God and of all men. Wherefore, if ye shall press forward, feasting upon the word of Christ, and endure to the end, behold, thus saith the Father: Ye shall have eternal life. His words are words to live by, and landed among my favorites some 14 years ago. They serve me in every season of life, in the ups and downs, and most importantly dampen the downs and magnify the highs. Recently we experienced a miscarriage, the loss of a little dream we thought we were building; and yet there is still a brightness of hope. There is much to love, look forward to and feast upon. We have felt the love of God and of all men in this time, and we thank you...

A word regarding comments

I just approved all the delightul, insightful and kind comments many you have made. Sorry it took me so long. Before blogging got popular, and more importantly before spamming blogs got popular, comments were far easier to administrate. Tired of deleting comments on prescription drugs, and the like, from people I haven’t yet had the pleasure of meeting, I turned comments off. I’m going to be testing out a new system for approving comments now that WordPress has updated its tools.