About King’s Court

King’s Court is a small record of some of the events of the Muirhead Kingdom. I write about myself, my thoughts, my wife, my kids and my dentistry. Herein I also make observations about life, Apple Inc. and my devotion to God. My sweetheart, Daria writes about the part of our lives that strikes her. She’s witty and gorgeous.

The Muirhead Kingdom is our family. More than that, it is an ideal of our highest hopes, a theme under which our family unites and builds bonds. We believe in values and in principled living. We hold our family relationships dear and of highest importance. This blog, though not apparent in every entry and often unwritten, allows us to contemplate and take stock of where we are heading.

We get this feeling that lets us know we have something special, so we’re spending time to develop our potential.

The Muirhead Kingdom: We’re building for Eternity.