Lola at Beaver Lake

Today after church we made Kraft Dinner with hot dog slices, and chocolate milk (not your healthiest meal but still an occasional favorite). Then the children and I left for the great outdoors. Lola was all dressed up in a cute fall outfit including a pink hat, dress tights and adorable coat and shoes. We went to Beaver Lake for the first time, and boy was it gorgeous with the fall colors, ivy and huge yellow and orange maple leafs scattered eveywhere. Some remote controlled sailboat hobbyists were racing their boats on the lake. I found this fascinating to watch, as I always wanted a remote controlled boat as a kid, but it was always an impractical thing to give a boy in December. Lola really wanted to just run to the beach and get dirty. I held her off and we set off for a walk around the lake, where she proceeded to trip and really get dirty. I found this to be completely adorable.

I’m trying to start some weekly Sabbath routines like a little outdoor walk, scripture time and a family games night or family movie. Also eliminating some of the video games from the kids on this day. Can I also just say how much I love 10 a.m. church? Today was a great sacrament meeting focusing on the young women and I was so impressed by the young 15-17 year old speakers who were just so valiant and wonderful. One of them mentioned Daria as an answer to her prayers about self-worth—a lesson Daria taught on this subject spoke to her heart and answered her prayers. Awesome.