A nice Saturday

I feel like I’m expending a fair amount of mental energy these days, and really just loving a day to decompress with my wife and children without interruption or concern. Today was one of those days. I woke up and read some of Steve Jobs biography and then did some pumpkin carving research. I read up on techniques and downloaded some templates I knew the kids would love—Angry Birds, Sonic the Hedgehog, Mario, Yugi Oh. Daria bought pumpkins and carving instruments earlier in the week so we set up and carved away. Dylan carved a Legend of Zelda Triforce pumpkin design and Daria and I helped Brigs and Noah. It was funny coaxing them into pulling the seeds and goo out as they really don’t get their hands dirty all too often. But they dug right in and did a great job. The designs the kids wanted were fairly demanding so we did most of the carving. I’ve decided that pumpkin carving is a total blast and I’m going to do this every year now. Later on I played some basketball and raked some leaves and just enjoyed the sunny day looking out at all the sailboats. Daria and I went into the office to cement an onlay, and then she came home and cooked a fabulous meal of wings, scalloped potatoes and garden salad. It was delicious. We read from Moroni 7:43-49 and had a good family discussion about charity, what it really is, characteristics of a charitable person and applied it. It’s really the ultimate goal, requirement, happiness and meaning. I love those last few verses. I’m excited that we have almost read the entire Book of Mormon as a family and now trying to think of a way to mark the occasion. It was a good day.