Our Teleporting Baby

This morning I was the first to wake along with Lola. As we made our way through the quiet house a mischievous idea came to me. We crept down to Joshua and Brigs room and then I placed Lola up on the top bunk beside Joshua (there’s a significant railing). Lola was in on the gig too, not making a single sound. Pretty soon Joshua became aware of Lola, “What the?” I heard as a grin crossed my face atop the stairs. “How did Lola get here? Brigs how did she get here? Maybe she did climb up here, or maybe I was sleep walking and brought her down here.”

That’s when I came down and told them I thought Lola was a teleporting baby. Classic.

UPDATE: Joshua just asked if we could rig up a camera over his bed so we could capture how Lola is ending up in his bed.