My little girl

I haven’t posted anything about our sweet daughter, Lola, since her birthday. Lola is a joy, and a remarkable addition to our family. I love her completely. Her personality already seems uniquely her, and feminine. Even when she has been well fed and attended to she seems to be vying for my attention. She does not like to be left out, preferring to be in the middle of things—which reminds me of Daria.

I love to hold her and make her giggle and smile. She was so little just a few months ago but now has some chunk when you carry her.

Lola has a sweet smirk that melts me, and reminds me of Joshua’s smirk, whom she very much resembles right now. I love that my kids all seem to have a shared appearance reminding us all that we are a family. I’m so very blessed to have each of my five children and all of them make me want to have more. Then the memory and worsening extremes of Daria’s pregnancies quench those desires.

I think of Lola as a little miracle and she provided a very significant spiritual experience while still in her first trimester that I hold dear and thank our God for.

Truly she is a blessing of the highest type.