Let me start over

Tonight at dinner Brigs was telling us about a book he read at school. I always ask the boys how their day was and what they learned at school, the default answer is usually, “I forgot.” But with a little follow-up he explained many things about his day—and then he got interrupted. And I swear this is some genetic trait in my family, because true to Muirhead form he said, “Can I start over?” I had to really bite my cheeks and hold in my laughter (though Daria and I shared a knowing smirk) because this is classic Brigs.

It also really reminded me of growing up with my sister Elizabeth, she had to be heard from start to finish without interruption. My mom seems to have the same trait, although I can’t decide if she is getting better at tolerating interruptions or getting worse. I’m also told that I would routinely throw out schoolwork once I had committed a single error on the page (something I outgrew, or maybe computers have helped with).

It’s fun to notice your kids behaviours and relate it generationally. We even have a phrase for this in the family, coined by my father, the aptly named: reveling in your idiosyncrasies. I love my Brigs, and his desire to be heard.