It’s been awhile—I’m blaming twitter

I‘ve become aware that I haven’t been writing here very often. So what have I been doing instead? Mostly reading elsewhere and occasionally tweeting on twitter, with a very small sliver of facebook. I don’t find twitter to be a particular inviting medium for fleshing out thoughts, but it is great for cutting to the heart of them. Twitter is also great for discovering things across the web and for checking in on a current hot topic. I think it’s also great for doling out links to things you find interesting. I think if I was a major thought leader or personality it would become even more useful.

I like blogging for its vastness. I can be as short or as long as I wish. However, I think I may need to create a place to write about my non-personal endeavours. A place to write about dentistry and a place to write about technology. If I was writing about those topics perhaps I would become addicted to writing on all of my blogs more often. Perhaps I can persuade my brother to create a smoking design for my existing domain portfolio. I really like his new design for my sister-in-law, Katie. There was a time when I would do it myself, but I’ve lost the drive for now.

Not a very interesting reacquainting for you, dear reader, but it’s a start back for me.