My thoughts on naming a child

Everyone wants to know what we are naming our baby girl. I’ve always been reluctant to really tell anyone what we are naming our children until they are born. Mainly because I’m not really interested in anyone’s opinion on the matter, particularly defending the choice. I don’t mind hearing what names people like in general but I really don’t like hearing the unsolicited phrase “You should name her…” Because Daria and I are going to name her and not anyone else. It’s a basic parental right, if I’m lost I’ll ask for help (who knows I might just need it!). We do have a list. Now we just have to shorten it. This all probably sounds harsh but it is actually just a part of my other policy on names that of claiming and sharing names. I’ll sum it up: Don’t tell me what you plan to or might name your kids unless you don’t mind me using the name too, cuz I just might. I’m happy to hear what names you love but it’s not like calling shotgun (which I do support btw). I love talking names but it’s terrible talking names when your pregnant or want to be pregnant or anyone involved in the conversation falls in the same category. It tends to get emotionally charged. So for now she shall remain nameless!