We are having a girl!

Due to a new policy at our local radiology clinic and a very miserable radiologist tech we were unable to find out the sex of our baby. Unfortunately I had to miss the ultrasound or I would have just interpreted it myself. So instead we decided to get a private ultrasound done on our vacation in Palm Springs. What a nice place too! They projected the ultrasound on a huge theater style screen and had huge comfy couches for our whole family to sit on. The tech was fun and personable. She went hunting for the sex right away and told us that we were having our first girl! Then we got to see precious 4D footage of her moving and yawning and her cute little body and face.

Wow. I’m incredibly excited and just love telling everyone. The more people I tell the more real it feels because at this point I can’t even imagine what having a little girl is like. I’m really interested to see how it changes the dynamics in our family. I’m curious to feel what it’s like to love a little girl and be her dad with all the spectrum of emotions. I love my boys so much its hard to imagine anything different. Maybe it will be the same? I’m sure it will be different. Perhaps I’ll be insufferably doting! The exciting part is all of my siblings are also having children right now, so we will have 4 cousins all within a year of one another. Crazy and wonderful!