My thoughts on naming a child

Everyone wants to know what we are naming our baby girl. I’ve always been reluctant to really tell anyone what we are naming our children until they are born. Mainly because I’m not really interested in anyone’s opinion on the matter, particularly defending the choice. I don’t mind hearing what names people like in general but I really don’t like hearing the unsolicited phrase “You should name her…” Because Daria and I are going to name her and not anyone else. It’s a basic parental right, if I’m lost I’ll ask for help (who knows I might just need it!). We do have a list. Now we just have to shorten it. This all probably sounds harsh but it is actually just a part of my other policy on names that of...

We are having a girl!

Due to a new policy at our local radiology clinic and a very miserable radiologist tech we were unable to find out the sex of our baby. Unfortunately I had to miss the ultrasound or I would have just interpreted it myself. So instead we decided to get a private ultrasound done on our vacation in Palm Springs. What a nice place too! They projected the ultrasound on a huge theater style screen and had huge comfy couches for our whole family to sit on. The tech was fun and personable. She went hunting for the sex right away and told us that we were having our first girl! Then we got to see precious 4D footage of her moving and yawning and her cute little body and face. Wow. I’m incredibly excited and just love telling everyone. The more people I tell the more...


My ever thoughtful mom bought me a G.I. JOE t-shirt today. I love it. Apparently they’ve also released the old cartoon seasons on dvd this week. Eager to watch those again and see if it really was as good as I idolized it to be. I’m a little nervous for the movie release this summer as they’ve introduced a strange twist by giving all the characters acceleration suits. Was the original cartoon of ninja’s, military, masked men, chameleon skinned men and women not rich enough already?

iPhone 3GS

Got a new white iPhone 3GS 32GB today. It’s very peppy. Now I’m in the process of updating to 3.01 then backing up and restoring my 3G transferring that to the 3GS then moving Daria onto the 3G then unlocking her iPhone 2G for spare usage at this point. Ah the joy and the pain of new iPhone hardware.