I’m excited for trick-or-treating with my boys tomorrow. It’s always fun to enjoy their boyhood excitement. We are dressing up at our office with a 101 dalmations theme. Bryan will be Cruella De Vil and Dan and I are the henchmen. The rest if the staff will be dressing up as the Dalmations. I’ll try and get the pictures of all our costumes up here soon.


Sinus infections and headaches are the only health ailments I seem to face most years and I have had both in the last few days. I think my body is trying to tell me I need more sleep. Tonight I bed at 9:15, I’m actually typing in bed right now and can’t wait to close my eyes. Goodnight!

My wife is a Mac Freak (and so am I)

I’m a “2nd-generation” Mac user raised on Apple computers from their birth, so you can imagine the pride I felt when my wife returned from a recent trip and reported that even though she saw the Apple store in a Texas mall, she couldn’t physically allow herself to go in. She explained, “I knew if I went in I would do something foolish and buy a laptop on your credit card.”  You see, Apple released some sexy new laptops, and our house is really feeling the urge for an upgrade. All I can say is: Honey, I’m proud of you, and I admire your discipline!

It just feels good

There are many good things to do in life, and certainly many interesting ways to spend our days. If you believe in karma, or The Secret, the Law of Attraction, or in God—or in all of these—you will likely have experienced that feeling of reciprocity when you are involved in putting good out into the universe. You may even sense the moment of receipt. That goodness comes in so many ways. Tonight I was out visiting a family I watch out for (we have a fancy name for this in the LDS church called home teaching) and I really enjoyed it. What strikes me tonight is that home teaching is technically an assignment that we fulfill, however when we carry it out with purposeful intent and not just as another item on the to do list, and do so consistently, the rewards are...

  This is a test of the new wordpress update to add photos and media files. Actually appears more robust then I expected. This photo makes me daydream about a singing career or at least the dream of a successful singing career and the financial rewards that can follow! Alas I believe my eligibility for “Any Country” Idol expires at year end. Man I’m getting old!

Daria is Home

I’m really grateful to have my sweet wife home from Texas. Weekends and Nights are lonely without you Daria. I’m hoping Daria can come to my next course in November to Tampa, Florida. I still need to take her on a birthday getaway and shopping spree. PS – A Toonie to whoever posts a comment first and a loonie to everyone else. You have till Halloween!