Look in the Mirror

Ever have one of those moments where you became painfully aware that a trait you disliked in someone else is exactly the same trait you have? It seems to just flip the tables of your understanding and blindside you. For one, it shows a total lack of awareness and how off base your judgement can be in regards to yourself. The other feeling that seems to come is one of understanding and then a little bit of self-loathing and a desire for forgiveness too. Why is it so easy to see the fault of another? Jesus’ analogy of the mote and beam take on a new meaning. You might be able to still see a sliver in someone as you look past that beam in front of your own face but become so used to that beam that it just becomes part of the picture like the rims of your...

Ever reread your own blog?

I’ve been doing this blogging thing for nearly four years now and haven’t really sifted through any of my old posts. Some bloggers are creative in linking to their past writing, which I presume means they are taking the time to reflect on their body of work. I initially started blogging primarily to allow this type of reflection. But thus far I feel more of an urge to add more content then look back at the past. I’ve set a lot of goals and aspirations in this space, some of which I’m sure are still a work in progress or forgotten. I’m not going to let the fear of regret stop me however. In fact, I think I’m going to start digging up trends, bring unfinished business back to the forefront and reflect on some favourite posts....

Nephi is Amazing

The first chapters of the Book of Mormon are truly a treasure, even despite having read them dozens of times in the past. What is so refreshing is how stimulating the Book of Nephi really is. I find as I read the verses they are so rich. It is interesting to me how in summarizing the Book of Nephi we tend to focus on the migration of Lehi’s family rather then on the intensely spiritual and family-centric nature of the book. In fact, the whole Book of Mormon gives a far more relationship oriented approach to scripture then the majority of all other canons of scripture. And yet the doctrine is all there to be had wide out in the open. As to it’s authenticity, I think the first four chapters of Nephi are among the most compelling. Certainly I would also...

Flat Tire

I had a flat-tire this weekend on my way back home from Edmonton. The weather was extremely cold and I was grateful to have 24-hr free roadside assistance. Trying to change in tire in minus 35 weather is definitely low on my list of things to do. In fact it isn’t even on the list! I have yet to meet anyone who has this type of auto service that regrets paying for it. Inevitably it always comes in handy. Contrast this to insurance. This past week we have made a claim due to some flooding in our house. I opted for a bigger deductible ($1000) for a lower monthly payment. The work will amount to some $3000ish dollar yet somehow I’m not as elated or grateful for this purchased service or the savings. I also begrudge auto insurance. However, I’m sure...

I’ve become a warrior

I was recently sent a link to the Hinckley Challenge. The challenge urges visitors to honour President Gordon B. Hinckley by reading the Book of Mormon in 97 days, the number of years President Hinckley lived. I truly felt a connection (and still do) to this great man of faith. I’ve been wanting to read the Book of Mormon again for some time. I’m in. Are you?


Does anyone ever read the quotes on the sidebar of my blog? I collect these and add to them periodically. Many of them I do not remember actually adding at all. Still I find them all stimulating and refreshing. Give it a whirl with the refresh button to see several. Also if you have a short quote you think I should add please email it to me or add it in the comments section. Here is one I haven’t yet added: We may convince others by our arguments; but we can only persuade them by their own. -Joseph Joubert I found this philosphy very helpful in university when convincing professors of my cause or plight.

The Darndest Things

More and more I’m aware that my children are listening to every word I say and interpreting it. This can lead to some funny moments. Here’s one that still has me laughing. Last week Brigham was very sick. At one point we suspected he had contracted the measles and were even discussing the possibility of quarantine. Daria said, “Nate, I think we are going to have to isolate Brigs.” A few moments later a concerned Joshua bellowed from the other room, “You’re going to freeze Brigs?!!” After our laughter died down I explained to Josh the difference between ice and isolate. What a kid.