Thanks for the help

A big thank you to my mother, sister, and in-laws for their gracious help this weekend as we descended upon Calgary this weekend with nary a plan. The food, the childcare and the shelter were greatly appreciated—particularly on such short notice. A personal crisis certainly would have ensued if not for all of your help. God bless you.

Lethbridge Nathan

When we started the process of moving to Lethbridge I started to muse about the idea of what could be different about our family and myself and coined the terms “The Lethbridge Muirheads” and “Lethbridge Nathan.” Almost like an alter-ego for change. In my head I use sentences like, “The Lethbridge Nathan loves to work out and lead his family in righteousness,” or “The Lethbridge Muirheads teach each other gospel principles through family home evening, scriptures and everyday conversations.” Or the Lethbridge Nathan doesn’t mind the wind. I like this way of thinking because it disregards any sense of past failure and simply affirms a positive desire. So I’m going to keep using it. I can already sense I am...

I miss Daria

Daria is away in California this weekend enjoying thePodcast and New Media Expo that just so happens to coincide with her birthday. I miss her and can acutely attest for the disturbance felt in her absence. I’m looking forward to seeing her face come through that Lethbridge door. I can’t wait to hear about her trip and future podcast plans.