Conor Holds iPhone

I just got a phone call from Conor on an iPhone from Denver. I can’t believe they allow long distance calls on their demo phones. Very cool. Still doesn’t top the news of Conor’s announcement of his career change to design. I think any serious designer has to own an iPhone not just to be taken seriously but for er, educational purposes.

A New Chapter

I’m excited to begin a new chapter in my dental career. This month I start practicing with Dr. Bryan Murray at his surgical center in Lethbridge, Alberta. What is thrilling to me about this new opportunity is the chance to work with a new dental team and move even closer to achieving my goals for patient treatment and dental philosophy. The areas of dentistry that I am most passionate about are those that really change the quality of peoples lives. For me these areas are reconstructive dentistry and TMJ, dental sleep medicine, and cosmetic dentistry. My interest in these areas are due to the experiences I have had with patients and family. It has been nothing short of amazing to be able to take someone who has chronic headaches to no headaches, to treat a...

What I want more then the iPhone

Four more days till the iphone hits the United States and mass euphoria sweeps the nation. I confess openly that I want one. Badly. So badly that I have even considered having my brother, Conor, buy one for me without the ability to use the phone portion of the triple threat device—at least until Apple and Rogers work out a deal. If you don’t have to buy a plan to use the device I just might. But I want something even more badly than the iPhone. I want to know what life-altering course Conor (my brother) is going to be pursuing. So I’ll start with this simple request, even plea, to be brought into the inner sanctum of family support. If this doesn’t work, however, I am prepared to resort to other ‘methods’.

Father’s Day 2007

Being a Dad is one of the choice roles in my life. When I think of the learning, the feelings, the love, the happiness, the growing, the nurturing, the fulfillment, pride and satisfaction that come from this mantle I am in awe. The film Together Forever (1988) helped me understand as a teenager why this is so. One of the characters comes to the realization that if God gets his happiness from His role as our Father then that is precisely where our happiness should come from. That truth has always stuck with me. Now as a father of four, I feel that truth reinforced daily. I also feel such a bond with my own father that adds to my life evidence of this principle. My own father’s day was filled with a scrumptious breakfast and gifts. Though what I will...

I want to Run

I’ve been writing down and visualizing and making goals. Some of them are big outrageous reachable goals. One of my goals is to run in a half marathon and then a marathon and then the Boston Marathon. I’m not much for running on Sunday which is the day in the marathon world. So I was pleasantly surprised when I found this local marathon, Powderface 42 write in my backyard. But it’s a doozy. And it’s soon. And there are bears. Being that I haven’t run more then 3-5 km in the last 5 years I’m questioning whether I could train in time not to kill myself. I think I need to go for a run (or drive) and see just how far 21 km really is.

In Support of Katie

My sister-in-law Katie has started a blog. I’ve relished the opportunity to read her. I’m still getting to know Katie, and her blog is giving me a whole new way to understand her. There is nothing like the first discovery of a new blog and learning about someone through its pages. I find it fascinating what you can learn about someone through their blog, but also what you can’t learn or fully appreciate. Conor and Katie are living in Colorado, a place close to my heart, which makes reading her blog doubly wonderful. No link, as I’m not sure how Katie feels about incoming links. I’ll have to keep reading her blog to find out how she does feel.

Safari 3

If you are a windows user please, with all the desperation I can muster in behalf of a piece of software, download Safari 3, the amazing cross platform browser. This is the browser that runs on Macs, the new iPhone and now Windows XP and Vista. Trust me a superior internet experience awaits you.

Amazing Photography

If you haven’t visited my brother’s photo blog I highly recommend it. His developing eye and compositions are a joy to view. I’m thinking about making up some prints from his work. Also check out my father’s great photography also exceptional. I’m still waiting to see some photos from Conor’s Lensbaby. Did you get it?

The Success Principles

I’m reading an amazing book by Jack Canfield, co-author of the Chicken Soup for the Soul Series. The book has had an effect on me that feels more permanent then other books I have read in the same category. It also arrives at a time when I am in transition professionally. I am the target audience. Daria and I both purchased copies so we could read it together and not wait or share the book. It has already ingrained in my life some mentalities and habits that I feel lasting. What I like about the book is it’s building nature, it’s clearly stated principles illustrated by relevant stories and embellished by great quotes. I also am amazed at how it seems to tap in on a conscious, subconscious and emotional level that I find so reinforcing. Expect...