When in Doubt Post a Picture

I took these shots about a week after Noah was born at 5 a.m.

I found it at a Flea Market

It’s been a busy day. First I helped someone move and then cleaned up the house a bit. Then we went to a Flea Market my wife pitched to me as a Garage Sale. Let me say that on this particular day I wasn’t overly thrilled at the idea. We need another dresser for Noah though, so I went in hopes of a deal-and the opportunity to be out of the house with Daria. We walked in and within 2 minutes I had already thought to myself, there isn’t a single thing in here that I want or need. There was some interesting stuff for sure, but most of it looked like the stuff that nobody ever buys at a garage sale. I’m talking knick knacks galore and often tacky knick knacks at that. Table after table all I could see was other people’s junk. I thought to...

Wish Me Luck

Tomorrow I have a test in radiology. Here is a sample below of what I might expect to interpret. 1,000 bonus points to the person who guesses about how old this person is? I bet a Mom could guess. Guess and then drag your mouse over the image for the answer.

Synonym Spectacles

I love watching my kid’s ideas and vocabulary develop. They can be so creative with their small, but exploding vocabulary to get across their meaning. Take this morning, for instance, as I lay in bed while the kids each came into the room and I attempted to stay asleep. Joshy came over to my bedside and all of a sudden I felt two pointy objects piercing my closed eyeballs. Just as I was wondering what the object could possibly be (and unable to open my eyes to check) Joshy exclaims, “Daddy put on his Hard Eyes!” An immediate smirk crossed my face as I realized my glasses were being placed on my head. Very creative Josh, very creative.

Wear It-Don’t Let the Dog Eat It

Today I made my first orthodontic retainer-ever-for a young attractive patient. Let me tell you the braces really helped this girl. Not only did her teeth get straightened out her whole facial esthetics changed. I saw her pre-treatment photos and wow-big difference. Sadly, in a tragic pet rebellion young patient’s cat and dog teamed up first to get her old retainer down from a high shelf after which the dog mangled it. In the 2 weeks since that time and her appointment today her middle teeth started to slightly drift! I felt sorry for her considering each retainer cost $75, and she spent 4 years in braces. Moral: If you have a dog and a retainer buy a case for your retainer and a chew toy for your dog.

New Design

By now you may have noticed the new design courtesy of many long hours before a CSS style sheet. Credit goes out to my Dad for giving the design a point of inspiration. Of course I still have some cleaning up to do especially for my Internet Explorer viewers. The design looks best in the Firefox and Safari browsers. The rest of the site hasn’t been modified yet, some links are down and I’m going to add some drop down menus in coming weeks. Once I get this design settled I’ll be pursuing more readers. Finally here is a blog I visit regularly he is a player in the blogging world Darren Barefoot.

Saturday Shots

During a brief free period at the Dental Conference, I wandered the hotel Delta describes as their “grand old lady of hospitality.” I had my camera along, so I snapped a few shots of the old girl and her surroundings. I found more interesting shots in the bowels of the hotel, however, (excuse the term) while trying to find a stairwell to the rooftop. I call my favorite shot “Cracked Illumination” but I’m open to other titles. Unfortunately, my vantage point and the midday exposure didn’t permit any superb shots of the riverfront, but maybe I just need to spend some more time in photoshop. Have a look at a few select shots and let me know what you think. I recommend clicking on the images to get the enlarged...


Macworld San Francisco is an event I always look forward to with anticipation-in fact in terms of commercialism it is right up there with Christmas. This week Steve Jobs unwrapped two “little” products from under the Apple tree. The Mac mini, aimed at PC switchers who already love their iPods; and the iPod shuffle, a small lanyard enabled flash player. Both seem like winners. I have a few PC friends with iPods who have already mentioned wanting to get their own Mac mini. Good luck to Apple in this next quarter. Even more relevant to me, is the update of the iLife suite. In particular I’m thrilled about the improvements to iPhoto such as better folder organization and the ability to import RAW photos. Improved editing capabalities will hopefully...


This weekend I enjoyed attending the International Dental Student Conference-2005. The speakers were marvelous. In particular Dr. Dan Fischer,president and founder of Ultradent, was both engaging and worthwhile. What I admire about Dr. Fischer, more than his accomplishments in dentistry, is his commitment to values and integrity. He masterfully wove timeless principles into his presentation on dental materials and techniques. For instance he referred to “that great entity of 2000 years ago” and listed some of his great teachings: Let he who is greatest among you be the servant of all; Become as a little child; and others. This type of teaching, sorely lacking in most educations, was beautiful as it set before up-and-coming dentists great dentistry in a...

Back to the Grind

I’ve had a great first week of 2005. It has been refreshing to get back to a demanding routine of waking up early, fulfilling responsibilities and tasks and treating patients. I really enjoy being in my own environment and element. I haven’t written down formal New Year resolutions yet. I like to let the optimism of the fresh calendar inspire me for a few days and then sit down to plan. I’d like to finalize a design for this new URL/website and commit to some minimum weekly number of posts on my blog-and work on increasing my readership. Other themes include beginning some regular form of exercise or activity, more regular study habits both scholastic and spiritual. I will definitely finish reading the Doctrine & Covenants of the Church of...