His Name is Noah Nathaniel

Wow, what an amazing 3-4 days it has been. I’m not new to fatherhood but everytime we have a new boy I have such overwhelming feelings. I’m overwhelmed by the flood of feelings that rise up with a new child. I love our little Noah for oh so many reasons. I love him foremost because he’s mine, and having him here in my arms only confirms more to me that he belongs. Having Noah in NICU (neonatale intensive care unit) has been very different than our other boys. Being somewhat medically minded it was easy for me to get into ‘diagnosis mode’ and then prognosis and treatment planning. My mind was scrambling to remember my physiology and medicine classes to anticipate what Noah would be experiencing over the next few days and to figure out...

He’s Here in Living Color

Hey Everyone. Gotta run back to the hospital but here are some quick pics of our new baby boy. He is so cute darling and DARK HAIRED! Follow this link to check him out Name is forthcoming!

We’re Having a Boy!

Yes!!!! At long last my wife is going to be having our baby boy. We have yet to decide on his name but we have options. Let’s hope all goes smoothly and pray that both Mom and Baby will be healthy and strong on this wonderful day. I’m so thrilled and pumped up about it. There is nothing like a new baby joining your own family. I can hardly wait to hold him, adore him and photograph him. He looked so cute on his ultrasound 2 weeks ago and a lot like Brigham. We shall see. Your prayers and best wishes are appreciated. On a related note-Happy Birthday to my little brother Conor. Hope your birthday is a special one way far away in Scotland. Love ya bro, and hope you don’t mind sharing a birthday.

Dirty Hands


4 Way Stopping-A Guide

Okay to all you people who drive I’d like to discuss four way stops. I bring this up because I don’t want my kids to learn the words moron or idiot at such a young and tender age. Here are the basics: When you come across a four way stop-you stop. Simple enough. After stopping you then go in your desired direction (signal if necessary). This gets pretty crazy complicated (apparently) if there are others around when you come across a four way stop but the basics still apply. The only change is you have to waaaaait until those who stopped before you go in their desired direction before you goooo-unless they are traveling in a path parallel to your desired direction at which point you neatly squeak in but you can only squeak in if you will clear the...

Walk In the Dark Man

I have to admit I’m proud of a lot of useless abilities I possess. For instance I can go without food for long periods of time-no sweat. I can also roll my tongue into three folds. Amazing! But get this: I’ve always been proud of my ability to walk in the dark unscathed. When I was young my Dad was always reminding us to “Turn Off the Lights.” Eventually I caught on. Now that I have a family of my own I can truly say I have assumed the patriarchal role-I’m always turning off lights. Not only is this a distinguishing factor of maleness (women never ever turn off lights unless they really have to, and in their minds unless they are going to sleep they don’t have to), a badge of honor if you will, but a mission. Just think...

Choppable and Drool Toy – Kindred Spirits

You’ll laugh, you’ll cry. You will wonder why. Choppable. It reminds me of my friend Colin’s DROOL TOY. First off, I love Colin. Funny man, Good friend. But like many of us he still had a stuffed animal kicking around in his teenage years. I’m not so sure he cuddled up tight every night, but it was very clear from the thing’s appearance that it had seen some thorough usage over the years. I mean downright scary usage. Imagine a Cat-Rat-Dog drenched and matted in drool and grey in appearance and you have Drool Toy. I wish I had a picture to post but that would require a stealth operation, a 6 hour trip with screaming kids in the van, and more. I won’t even get into my stuffed animals. But feel free to guess what I...