Brigham’s New Nickname

This morning my 3rd son Brigham started saying a cute little word from the movie Finding Nemo“Sharkbait.” Of course he says it in his own little voice which is absolutely adorable. It reminds me when Joshua called me by Nate for about 2 months. Ahh kids. They are the stuff daily joy is made of.

Gorgeous is Good

While I was making this blog I couldn’t help but realize what a fox my wife is. You’ve already seen one of our wedding pictures above, but good golly who weighs 118 pounds at 5 mos pregnant on the 4th child! That’s staying power baby. Keep turning my head, your mine forever!

I read something neat last night

I’m trying to devote a little bit of time to “self-improvement” so I picked up a book I loved but never quite finished. The book is called Spiritual Roots of Human Relationships and I love the style of writing employed by the author. He uses smart straightfoward thoughts to build up beautiful undeniable principles assisted by analogy and solid wisdom. An excerpt from the book: When Borrowing Strength Builds Weakness In addition to parents, many employers, leaders, teachers, and others in position of authority may be competent, knowledgeable, and skillful (at day six) but are emotionally and spiritually immature (at day two). They too may attempt to compensate for the deficiency, or gap, by borrowing their entire strength from their positions or...