New Home Page

I threw up a new home page today just to make it easier for anyone who refers people to Daria and I’s blog (is I’s a true word?) or can’t remember the URL /blogs/daria or /blogs/nathan. We love new readers and new comments so by all means spread the word.

No One Cares More Than You Do

I promise I’ll do some real posting soon. Promise. For now I want to bring to light the fact that I’ve spent a ridiculous amount of time playing and adjusting and tweaking the layout, colours etc. etc. on my new templates. I’ve also added a switcher for those of you who actually have a preference. I don’t love every single one of these templates but I think they provide a variety of styles. Check them out and then THEN tell me which one you like, which one you HATE, and what you like and dislike about blog layouts. For e.g. do you ever use the search on a blog? Do you like to see recent comments on the sidebar? Do you care what categories I post under? RU blind to certain text sizes? Amidst all my CSS and Photoshoppin’ I’ve come...

Man do I look like my Father

The current design sure highlights the physical similarities between my Dad and I. For those of you who know us cover my nose and tell me you don’t see a whole lot of Jim.

WP 1.5

You might be wondering did I come to the right website? What happened to that old design (if 3-4 weeks can be considered old)? Word Press released a new superior version to its popular free blogging software and I had to have it. So until I change this default design we are back to a nice blue clean crisp design. I was sorta getting sick of the old design anyways so I’m grateful for the change. Hopefully I can come up with a design that will keep me happy for awhile. Just so your aware this update uses ‘whitelisting’ the reverse of getting blacklisted. So instead of trying to keep every texas poker spammer out I just let those I want to comment in. Once your on the list you can comment like crazy all over my blog. It’s kinda like having a...

Daria & Nathan Unite

I tried a little experiment today. I’ve wanted to host a blog that included both Daria and I’s blog in one place. Well since we use the same basic cascading style sheet (CSS) with similar tags you see the merged result. Daria’s blog is at right. I have made no effort some effort to make this look good. In the future I think the page will be one that includes both of our blogs in a readable format and other unifying elements. Till then enjoy this weekend’s display of Daria & Nathan’s Crazy Blog! If this looks absolutely wacko you probably need to use a better CSS browser like Firefox....