Middle Child

Brigs: Hey mom I figured out something. Daria: What’s that Brigs? Brigs: I figured out that I am the middle child. Daria: Wow you’re so smart! How do you feel about being the middle child? Brigs: It’s awesome!

Lola at Beaver Lake

Today after church we made Kraft Dinner with hot dog slices, and chocolate milk (not your healthiest meal but still an occasional favorite). Then the children and I left for the great outdoors. Lola was all dressed up in a cute fall outfit including a pink hat, dress tights and adorable coat and shoes. We went to Beaver Lake for the first time, and boy was it gorgeous with the fall colors, ivy and huge yellow and orange maple leafs scattered eveywhere. Some remote controlled sailboat hobbyists were racing their boats on the lake. I found this fascinating to watch, as I always wanted a remote controlled boat as a kid, but it was always an impractical thing to give a boy in December. Lola really wanted to just run to the beach and get dirty. I held her off and we...

A nice Saturday

I feel like I’m expending a fair amount of mental energy these days, and really just loving a day to decompress with my wife and children without interruption or concern. Today was one of those days. I woke up and read some of Steve Jobs biography and then did some pumpkin carving research. I read up on techniques and downloaded some templates I knew the kids would love—Angry Birds, Sonic the Hedgehog, Mario, Yugi Oh. Daria bought pumpkins and carving instruments earlier in the week so we set up and carved away. Dylan carved a Legend of Zelda Triforce pumpkin design and Daria and I helped Brigs and Noah. It was funny coaxing them into pulling the seeds and goo out as they really don’t get their hands dirty all too often. But they dug right in and did...

Let me start over

Tonight at dinner Brigs was telling us about a book he read at school. I always ask the boys how their day was and what they learned at school, the default answer is usually, “I forgot.” But with a little follow-up he explained many things about his day—and then he got interrupted. And I swear this is some genetic trait in my family, because true to Muirhead form he said, “Can I start over?” I had to really bite my cheeks and hold in my laughter (though Daria and I shared a knowing smirk) because this is classic Brigs. It also really reminded me of growing up with my sister Elizabeth, she had to be heard from start to finish without interruption. My mom seems to have the same trait, although I can’t decide if she is getting better...

We are having a girl!

Due to a new policy at our local radiology clinic and a very miserable radiologist tech we were unable to find out the sex of our baby. Unfortunately I had to miss the ultrasound or I would have just interpreted it myself. So instead we decided to get a private ultrasound done on our vacation in Palm Springs. What a nice place too! They projected the ultrasound on a huge theater style screen and had huge comfy couches for our whole family to sit on. The tech was fun and personable. She went hunting for the sex right away and told us that we were having our first girl! Then we got to see precious 4D footage of her moving and yawning and her cute little body and face. Wow. I’m incredibly excited and just love telling everyone. The more people I tell the more...

My wife is a Mac Freak (and so am I)

I’m a “2nd-generation” Mac user raised on Apple computers from their birth, so you can imagine the pride I felt when my wife returned from a recent trip and reported that even though she saw the Apple store in a Texas mall, she couldn’t physically allow herself to go in. She explained, “I knew if I went in I would do something foolish and buy a laptop on your credit card.”  You see, Apple released some sexy new laptops, and our house is really feeling the urge for an upgrade. All I can say is: Honey, I’m proud of you, and I admire your discipline!

Daria is Home

I’m really grateful to have my sweet wife home from Texas. Weekends and Nights are lonely without you Daria. I’m hoping Daria can come to my next course in November to Tampa, Florida. I still need to take her on a birthday getaway and shopping spree. PS – A Toonie to whoever posts a comment first and a loonie to everyone else. You have till Halloween!

Going Home

After an enjoyable 4 days in Tampa, Florida I am returning home. I miss my family and I am excited to deliver some goodies I bought for them. The shopping in some of these larger U.S. cities is truly impressive, and I always wish that Daria was with me. I want to spoil her rotten and take her on a shopping spree someday. The purpose of my trip was a Cone Beam CT Diagnosis and 3D Treatment Planning course not only for dental implants but for complete dentistry. What is exciting is we are almost at the point where we will not even need to take impressions of people’s mouths with goo. After working daily with CB/CT I cannot imagine practicing without this technology. A sleep apnea component is on its way as well where we will be able to use the CB/CT to...

The Darndest Things

More and more I’m aware that my children are listening to every word I say and interpreting it. This can lead to some funny moments. Here’s one that still has me laughing. Last week Brigham was very sick. At one point we suspected he had contracted the measles and were even discussing the possibility of quarantine. Daria said, “Nate, I think we are going to have to isolate Brigs.” A few moments later a concerned Joshua bellowed from the other room, “You’re going to freeze Brigs?!!” After our laughter died down I explained to Josh the difference between ice and isolate. What a kid.

Las Vegas Review

For the third time in as many months I find myself in Las Vegas. Each trip has found me pursuing advanced education in implant surgery and prosthetics. I’m very excited about this field and the remarkable things I have already done. I look forward to pacing my ever expanding knowledge with clinical experience. My passion grows and grows each month on this front. But enough on that subject. This trip found me at a different venue: the Rio, a good walk from the strip. The Rio is a typical Vegas hotel with pretty good restaurants, and some 70 floors spread over 2 towers. The buffet was the best of the four I have tried in Las Vegas and also the lowest priced! A typical casino resides on the main floor and I am amazed how the motivation for the big win seems...