March 2005

In March 2005 I wrote 8 Posts, with subjects ranging from Memory Loss, Quotes, Photography, Talents, Easter Preparation, A Favourite Song a Design Change and my love of Principles. One of these posts generated quite a stir in the comments. Which I edited at the time. The controversy was over our photo selection of Joshua’s aggressive Tiger Face. Three years later we think a different photo would be better as well. I really enjoyed reading the Easter article as well. Brett also submitted a great quote from Theodore Roosevelt that would have been riveting to hear the first time. I feel like most of these posts could still be posts from this month of March, though that certainly doesn’t make them...

In Support of Katie

My sister-in-law Katie has started a blog. I’ve relished the opportunity to read her. I’m still getting to know Katie, and her blog is giving me a whole new way to understand her. There is nothing like the first discovery of a new blog and learning about someone through its pages. I find it fascinating what you can learn about someone through their blog, but also what you can’t learn or fully appreciate. Conor and Katie are living in Colorado, a place close to my heart, which makes reading her blog doubly wonderful. No link, as I’m not sure how Katie feels about incoming links. I’ll have to keep reading her blog to find out how she does feel.

Effective Blogging

I really enjoy blogging for many reasons. It is great to have a voice and permanent record of what you think and experience while sharing that with others. Since blogging is a public medium, for me it is a lot like submitting a paper for grading. But different. For instance blogging is a lot more fun then writing a paper on a comparison between Oral-B Brushupsâ„¢ and toothbrushing, as I’m in the process of doing elsewhere. Also blogging is more personal and more public at the same time. While googling to see if Stephen R. Covey had a blog I came across the 7 Habits of Highly Effective Bloggers. There are numerous articles, all over the web, on how to write an effective blog. The folks at explain how to write compelling posts and...

New Design

By now you may have noticed the new design courtesy of many long hours before a CSS style sheet. Credit goes out to my Dad for giving the design a point of inspiration. Of course I still have some cleaning up to do especially for my Internet Explorer viewers. The design looks best in the Firefox and Safari browsers. The rest of the site hasn’t been modified yet, some links are down and I’m going to add some drop down menus in coming weeks. Once I get this design settled I’ll be pursuing more readers. Finally here is a blog I visit regularly he is a player in the blogging world Darren Barefoot.