My wife is a Mac Freak (and so am I)

I’m a “2nd-generation” Mac user raised on Apple computers from their birth, so you can imagine the pride I felt when my wife returned from a recent trip and reported that even though she saw the Apple store in a Texas mall, she couldn’t physically allow herself to go in. She explained, “I knew if I went in I would do something foolish and buy a laptop on your credit card.”  You see, Apple released some sexy new laptops, and our house is really feeling the urge for an upgrade. All I can say is: Honey, I’m proud of you, and I admire your discipline!

iPhone Development

I’m assembling an iPhone development team to build applications for this next great platform. If you have a application or idea for the iPhone that you would like to see come into fruition please submit your ideas here.

Leopard Installed

Yesterday I installed a copy of Leopard OS X from Apple Inc. After an initial hiccup caused by my installation of third-party hack it is up and running beautifully. My initial impressions are mainly appreciative: 1) The graphical consistency across application windows is pleasing 2) Quick look feature in the finder is very useful. 3) Coverflow is useful for certain things. 4) I think I’m going to enjoy spaces but it will take some getting used to 5) Time machine will help me feel more secure 6) I like the Dock. There has been way to much complaining about the subtle changes. 7) I’m neutral on the translucent menubar. It certainly gives no advantage 8) The new screensavers are pretty cool 9) Spotlight is far more useful 10) I’m disappointed Mail...

What I want more then the iPhone

Four more days till the iphone hits the United States and mass euphoria sweeps the nation. I confess openly that I want one. Badly. So badly that I have even considered having my brother, Conor, buy one for me without the ability to use the phone portion of the triple threat device—at least until Apple and Rogers work out a deal. If you don’t have to buy a plan to use the device I just might. But I want something even more badly than the iPhone. I want to know what life-altering course Conor (my brother) is going to be pursuing. So I’ll start with this simple request, even plea, to be brought into the inner sanctum of family support. If this doesn’t work, however, I am prepared to resort to other ‘methods’.

Safari 3

If you are a windows user please, with all the desperation I can muster in behalf of a piece of software, download Safari 3, the amazing cross platform browser. This is the browser that runs on Macs, the new iPhone and now Windows XP and Vista. Trust me a superior internet experience awaits you.


I made $50 bucks today for about 1.5 hours of work signing people in and out of a dental conference. To offset that increase we bought another mic for Daria’s podcasting along with some headphones. We traped on over to Wal-Mart too, to replace our toilet-drenched cordless phone with a new model. We ended up getting a two-phone package (backup!) with the ability to two-way radio between the two units. Doubt we will use that feature too much but having a second cordless phone will be a nice addition around here since the cordless is inevitably on the floor your not come ring time. I’m weighing the purchase of a computer. The demos always go on sale at my local campus computer store with every Apple hardware update and this particularly computer is the...

Brewing and Podcasts

I’ve got a few entries brewing right now but I’m not ready to post just yet. In the mean time I’ll just mention how much I’m enjoying the new phenom Podcasting. Bjørn, if your reading, podcasting is for you—it’s cutting edge but still left of center. Apple describes podcasting as: Radio-style shows — some from major media, others from passionate individuals — delivered over the Internet to your computer. Unlike streaming audio, which requires you to listen in real time, podcasting lets you control how and when you hear your favorite shows…Choose the time. Choose the place. Choose the show. Save for later or listen now. Podcasting makes it possible. iTunes makes it easy. Take CBC Radio 3′s podcast...

Wireless freedom

We just got an airport express base station today, and the installation was seamless. From opening the plastic to first website viewed was about 5 minutes tops (I had to stop and admire the slick packaging). Now I can surf check email from anywhere on my password protected network, from the laptop or handheld. Hopefully this leads to more blogging, studying and learning!

Dream Houses

Every once and awhile I fantasize about a home of our own—the Muirhead Kingdom castleHouse of Muirhead, if you will. As the son of a distinguished architect, I can’t just simply take up residence in some cookie cutter house (at least permanently) it would be against principle. Occasionally I drive to school and park a few blocks from the University. I love the homes surrounding the campus, they are all unique in design and ornament, they have history and character and design. They seem worthy of the title “home.” As a Apple enthusiast I crave ease of use, interface, simplicity and innovation. I want a smart home that I can control from my bedroom, laptop/desktop or cellphone. Envision my programmed master bedroom: The sun pierces the...

Who do they think they are kidding?

I’ve been craving a laptop for awhile now, and holding myself back pretty well, I might add. But when I saw a flyer from London Drugs advertising a monthly rate for the iBook I’d like to buy, I thought to myself: Maybe if I spread the purchase out over time it would be even cheaper than buying one outright with my student discount and ensuing interest. So I went in today hoping they’d tell me “Why, yes Mr. Muirhead, just sign here and with no money down and no interest you can have your computer today!” Or at least something half-decent. Instead they told me their plan was 18-24% interest a month over 24-48 months. Oooh what a deal, would you like my first-born as collateral? Who do they think is actually going to take them up on...