A Weekend to Remember

We traveled to Calgary this weekend to spend more time with our soon-to-be daughter, currently going by the name of Serenity. Our time with Serenity kicked off at a Church Christmas party with a dinner, program, and dance. The highlight was watching Serenity dance– the girl has rhythm and energy! I even had my first dance with her which was a great moment. She has really already formed a strong attachment to Daria which is so cute to watch. Saturday Serenity came over to spend time with the boys at my in-laws. Joshua’s characteristic instinct to love and protect has already kicked in and he has been so tender and loving about and with Serenity. She is a fun little girl who loves to laugh and play and has a good nature about her. Noah loved seeing...

Amazing Photography

If you haven’t visited my brother’s photo blog I highly recommend it. His developing eye and compositions are a joy to view. I’m thinking about making up some prints from his work. Also check out my father’s great photography also exceptional. I’m still waiting to see some photos from Conor’s Lensbaby. Did you get it?

Gorgeous Prints

We just had these 4 incredible prints of our boys printed at 10″x 10″ in size. Believe it or not that is cropped from the original size even at 200+ resolution. We framed each boy in these delightfully square double matted frames which are hanging up in our room on our wall of fame. Daria has already alluded to how much we are enjoying our new sanctuary of a bedroom and these shots just add to our enjoyment. It’s nice to be in that room and review in my mind how important my kids are. Having such great photos of them is a great visual reminder to guide my thoughts about nurturing, teaching, loving and planning for them and our family.

Such a Good Boy

Noah is suffering with some sickness right now but he is still quite capable of being cute and pleasant. Thus far he has handled the challenges in his life with nary a complaint. It is so wonderful to have a pleasant baby with a cheery disposition. I want to be like him when facing my challenges. In this photo he seems quiet, composed and unphased by his illness. I’m trying to eliminate complaining from my life (which I differentiate from sharing legitimate concerns) and Noah is a good example. He has the advantage of having no vocabulary, mind you, but still a good example. I also gave Noah a priesthood blessing today, along with two friends who watch over our family, invoking the Lord’s assistance in restoring him to wellness. I’m confident and...

Dylan is Available

That cute handsome fast-maturing boy I know as Dylan is now available in his first online photo album spanning 102 photos. I wish I had even more shots to post from his younger days (I do, but I mean already scanned; Dylan was born in our pre-digital phase). I like the shots that show a classic Dylan expression. You’ll also notice plenty of shots where he is with younger cousins and siblings. With rare exception, these shots typify Dylan’s loving nature with little kids—he’ll be a great dad and uncle someday. Right now he’s a super kid: sensitive to peoples feelings, responsible and kind—even charitable—and a pleasure to guide as a parent. Were planning on signing Dylan up for some basketball this spring. It will be...

When in Doubt Post a Picture

I took these shots about a week after Noah was born at 5 a.m.

Saturday Shots

During a brief free period at the Dental Conference, I wandered the hotel Delta describes as their “grand old lady of hospitality.” I had my camera along, so I snapped a few shots of the old girl and her surroundings. I found more interesting shots in the bowels of the hotel, however, (excuse the term) while trying to find a stairwell to the rooftop. I call my favorite shot “Cracked Illumination” but I’m open to other titles. Unfortunately, my vantage point and the midday exposure didn’t permit any superb shots of the riverfront, but maybe I just need to spend some more time in photoshop. Have a look at a few select shots and let me know what you think. I recommend clicking on the images to get the enlarged...

He’s Here in Living Color

Hey Everyone. Gotta run back to the hospital but here are some quick pics of our new baby boy. He is so cute darling and DARK HAIRED! Follow this link to check him out Name is forthcoming!

Dirty Hands