Lola at Beaver Lake

Today after church we made Kraft Dinner with hot dog slices, and chocolate milk (not your healthiest meal but still an occasional favorite). Then the children and I left for the great outdoors. Lola was all dressed up in a cute fall outfit including a pink hat, dress tights and adorable coat and shoes. We went to Beaver Lake for the first time, and boy was it gorgeous with the fall colors, ivy and huge yellow and orange maple leafs scattered eveywhere. Some remote controlled sailboat hobbyists were racing their boats on the lake. I found this fascinating to watch, as I always wanted a remote controlled boat as a kid, but it was always an impractical thing to give a boy in December. Lola really wanted to just run to the beach and get dirty. I held her off and we...

Our Teleporting Baby

This morning I was the first to wake along with Lola. As we made our way through the quiet house a mischievous idea came to me. We crept down to Joshua and Brigs room and then I placed Lola up on the top bunk beside Joshua (there’s a significant railing). Lola was in on the gig too, not making a single sound. Pretty soon Joshua became aware of Lola, “What the?” I heard as a grin crossed my face atop the stairs. “How did Lola get here? Brigs how did she get here? Maybe she did climb up here, or maybe I was sleep walking and brought her down here.” That’s when I came down and told them I thought Lola was a teleporting baby. Classic. UPDATE: Joshua just asked if we could rig up a camera over his bed so we could capture how Lola is