Our Teleporting Baby

This morning I was the first to wake along with Lola. As we made our way through the quiet house a mischievous idea came to me. We crept down to Joshua and Brigs room and then I placed Lola up on the top bunk beside Joshua (there’s a significant railing). Lola was in on the gig too, not making a single sound. Pretty soon Joshua became aware of Lola, “What the?” I heard as a grin crossed my face atop the stairs. “How did Lola get here? Brigs how did she get here? Maybe she did climb up here, or maybe I was sleep walking and brought her down here.” That’s when I came down and told them I thought Lola was a teleporting baby. Classic. UPDATE: Joshua just asked if we could rig up a camera over his bed so we could capture how Lola is


The past couple of nights I’ve stolen an hour or so to paint a room with my four boys. I love the feeling of working alongside my family on a project. The boys are all quite proud of their handiwork and the paint job turned out great. It was quite adorable when Brigs and Joshua painted their names on the wall. A classic moment.

The Darndest Things

More and more I’m aware that my children are listening to every word I say and interpreting it. This can lead to some funny moments. Here’s one that still has me laughing. Last week Brigham was very sick. At one point we suspected he had contracted the measles and were even discussing the possibility of quarantine. Daria said, “Nate, I think we are going to have to isolate Brigs.” A few moments later a concerned Joshua bellowed from the other room, “You’re going to freeze Brigs?!!” After our laughter died down I explained to Josh the difference between ice and isolate. What a kid.

Ever so Close in My Arms

This past week, as on other nights, I had the moment to reflect on my wonderful brood of boys. The last of the Muirhead boy birthdays past this week (excepting myself), with Noah turning one on Friday. The last few nights I’ve been able to hold Noah until he fell asleep in my arms and peacefully observe his gentle baby breaths. As I enjoyed him, it conjured up other nights with other sweet breaths of my little children. I have a very sweet set of boys, still full of affection. My heart stirs each time Joshua insists on a hug and a kiss before I leave for the door. My reentry nearly always starts with the running of Brigs into my arms, his eyes abright with expression and his valiant smile in tow. Dylan always brings news of his latest accomplishments, and...

Halloween 2005

It is that wonderful time of year where we all get to play make believe. I think the dressing up is just as fun as the candy, if not more since I can eat candy pretty much whenever I want. This year Dylan is going as Frodo Baggins of Lord of the Rings fame, Joshua is going to be a Dragon, complete with wings, and Brigham is going as a Turtle, Noah is going to be a little Lamb. I’ve seen most of them dressed up and they all look amazing or cute in their costumes. Daria and I are trying to figure out our costumes still, although I do have a special costume planned for Monday at school. Just in case someone from university is actually reading this before Halloween I won’t be revealing my costume just yet-but it is sure to get a response, particularly...

Gorgeous Prints

We just had these 4 incredible prints of our boys printed at 10″x 10″ in size. Believe it or not that is cropped from the original size even at 200+ resolution. We framed each boy in these delightfully square double matted frames which are hanging up in our room on our wall of fame. Daria has already alluded to how much we are enjoying our new sanctuary of a bedroom and these shots just add to our enjoyment. It’s nice to be in that room and review in my mind how important my kids are. Having such great photos of them is a great visual reminder to guide my thoughts about nurturing, teaching, loving and planning for them and our family.

Reverence & Meditation

We had a discussion in our priesthood quorum today on Elements of Worship from The Teachings of David O. McKay. One of the reasons I enjoy blogging is the opportunity of introspection and contemplation it affords. Clearly much of that introspection never graces these pages but believe you me it is happening! Here are a few of President McKay’s thoughts on Reverence: Inseparable from the acceptance of the existence of God is an attitude of reverence, to which I wish now to call attention most earnestly to the entire Church. The greatest manifestation of spirituality is reverence; indeed, reverence is spirituality. Reverence is profound respect mingled with love. It is �a complex emotion made up of mingled feelings of the soul.�Reverence embraces...

Synonym Spectacles

I love watching my kid’s ideas and vocabulary develop. They can be so creative with their small, but exploding vocabulary to get across their meaning. Take this morning, for instance, as I lay in bed while the kids each came into the room and I attempted to stay asleep. Joshy came over to my bedside and all of a sudden I felt two pointy objects piercing my closed eyeballs. Just as I was wondering what the object could possibly be (and unable to open my eyes to check) Joshy exclaims, “Daddy put on his Hard Eyes!” An immediate smirk crossed my face as I realized my glasses were being placed on my head. Very creative Josh, very creative.