Las Vegas Review

For the third time in as many months I find myself in Las Vegas. Each trip has found me pursuing advanced education in implant surgery and prosthetics. I’m very excited about this field and the remarkable things I have already done. I look forward to pacing my ever expanding knowledge with clinical experience. My passion grows and grows each month on this front. But enough on that subject. This trip found me at a different venue: the Rio, a good walk from the strip. The Rio is a typical Vegas hotel with pretty good restaurants, and some 70 floors spread over 2 towers. The buffet was the best of the four I have tried in Las Vegas and also the lowest priced! A typical casino resides on the main floor and I am amazed how the motivation for the big win seems...

Hot Chocolate

I had my first hot chocolate of the season today and it was so good. Afterwards I asked myself, why don’t you drink this more often? I couldn’t come up with a good reason so it appears I will be drinking more. I like my Hot Chocolate with milk, and I like my milk 3% homogenized. My grandpa adds cream to boot. My hot chocolate today was just a basic milk chocolate flavour nothing extravagant, but I’d like to get some mint or candy cane flavoured or even better-white chocolatehot chocolate. Today I’ve been studying for my last exam of the semester and boy am I ready to be done. What’s your favourite flavour?