Noah and My Name

Noah is so adorable right now, I love that little boy. Sometimes he is so endearing and tender. The other day he asked me:

“Mommy, what is your name?”
I replied “Thanks for asking Noah, my name is Daria!”
To which he answered “I want to call you Daria now, ALL of the time!”

Well I’m not quite ready to let go of hearing my 6 year old call me Mommy, but I think it’s kind of adorable that a few days later he brings me this picture that he made for me at school ->>

Daria Loves you Noah :) (and so does Mommy!!)

Brigs Wins Award!!

We knew it all along! Someday our Brigs would reach heights unknown, and snag himself a few fans on the way to greatness. Yesterday was that day, as he was called up in front of the entire school to receive a “Special Person” award. As far as I’m concerned that is the coolest award around, it says he has character, integrity, personality, and everything he needs in life to be successful.


Brigs I was so proud of you yesterday, your face beamed when your teacher called your name. Lola and I were there, and my heart was bursting with so much love for the amazing boy you are everyday. Your hugs are the best part of my day. I love you and I know you are indeed a “Special Person”, I’m just happy you’re in our family. We sure adore you! XOXO – Mommy

Super Noah is staying home

After discussion with Noah’s new Kindergarten teacher, other parents, and family, both Nathan and I are feeling really good about keeping him home one more year. He’ll be attending pre-school as well and I think that an added year at home will give Noah a better foundation for K next fall.

I want my boy to feel ready and excited to venture out and into the wonderful world of learning. I was worried about starting him so young. His teacher gave me some great advice, and basically told me that she tells parents if they are questioning it then to go with your intuition, he’ll be so much more ready to learn if he’s not pushed into conforming to expectations.

I feel really at peace about it, I was going over it and over it for so long in my head. I really think this will be the very best thing for my Noah, and I’m excited to have him with me just a little bit longer too. Now I’m sitting down to write out some goals for things we’ll work on together this year at home, I know that I can give him some things this year that will benefit him for next fall and I’m excited to have that opportunity.

And we're Back to School

Tomorrow morning marks the first day back to school for Dylan, Joshua and Brigs. Where did our summer go? I haven’t even had a moment to blog about our vacation to Palm Desert and it’s already time to send them off with shiny new school supplies, and cool duds to wear for their first day back.

I’m still deciding on whether Noah will be attending Kindergarten or continuing Pre-school for this year. I registered him in both, because if he heads to “K” he will definitely be the youngest in his entire class. He still just seems so young to me, and I wonder what this year of pushing him to do Kindergarten will do for him compared with what I can give him at home. I hate to rush him when I’m not sure he’s quite ready for it. So on Tuesday am I’ll take him to Kindergarten and observe for a bit, I feel like I’ll be able to know what’s best to do for him this year. I’m leaning towards waiting for Noah to mature a bit more, it certainly can’t hurt.

Dylan is starting…wait for it….Grade 10! Um yeah, I’m THAT old. I can’t believe my kid is 15 and in 10th grade. It seriously makes me half laugh and half choke on my gum. Thankfully I’m still met with shock when I introduce him as my son, many tell me that they think I am his big sister. HAHA!! When that ends someday and I indeed look old enough to be his mother I may have an identity crisis come on. I’m so excited for him to stretch even more this year, he’s got some goals set which I think is fantastic and he’s more and more social all of the time. It’s hard to begin letting go of him and watching what he does with that added freedom. I prefer giving it in small doses because frankly he’s an amazing kid and I want to protect him for as long as I can.

Brigs is going into Grade 1 this year, and he is excited to have Joshy’s past teacher. He knows her and that should make his first day a bit less intimidating. I know he’s going to struggle with full days of school this year. I’m planning a few fun things to reward him for when he gets home at the end of the day.

Joshua is going into Grade 3, big man on campus that he is. It makes me laugh that his teachers think the boy is quiet and shy. He is NOTHING like that at home, but at school he’s very reserved. We’re excited for him to connect with alot more kids this year and make some strong friendships. He’s such a darling boy and full of sensitivity and delight. I’m eager to see who his teacher will be, and hope that he can really love his teacher this year. 3rd grade is so rich with new things and I want my boy to enjoy it all.

So now I’m off to bed, it’s late and I need some energy to haul everyone out of bed in the am. I’ll post some 1st Day of School pics tomorrow too.