Lola’s Rose Garden

This year Lola has really taken an interest in the flowers around our home. In fact I believe she picked every spring tulip that I had planted, and gave them to me as little tokens. Now it’s summery hot on the Island, and our roses have been bursting and beautiful this year. In fact, most of the roses are way bigger than my fist! It’s incredible.

On this particular day this week, Lola wanted to smell every (and I mean every) flower in our yard. I grabbed the camera and didn’t rush her. She was so full of wonder and delight. What a treat to see the tender way she held the buds, and brought them to her cute little nose.

The stomach flu

My little doll played hard yesterday, I never saw it coming. This morning she awoke so sick to her stomach. She was white as a ghost and shaky and hot. She couldn’t keep anything down, I felt so sad for her. After throwing up several times she looked up at me with eyes full of tears and said “Mommy, Lola is scared”. She’s so precious, I hate when my kids are sick but I love to dote on them and nurse them back to health. So today I’ve snuggled her and treated her like the little princess that she is. She’s starting to perk up a bit tonight so hopefully we’ve seen the worst of it.

Bee Line

This picture makes me laugh so hard. We attended Brentwood Bay Day, a small local fair/market today. Nathan took the kids to find food while I parked the car. When I started towards them Lola picked me out of the crowd (I was farther away than it looks) and made a total BEE LINE for me!

It’s these kind of moments, when my baby shows her adoration for me that make my heart sing. I love you Lola, and your “power run!!”

(*what do you think Liz and Katie? Does she have the makings of a marathon runner like you?)

Lola and Brosie Reunite

It was a mini-reunion in Lethbridge last week when my dear friend Elizabeth came over to see me at my parent’s house with her daughter Brosie (Ambrosia). Elizabeth and I were expectant Mommy’s together when pregnant with our girls. We always dreamed that they would play together and be best friends. Happily we were able to see this come to fruition during our visit when Lola and Brosie broke out the dolls (and countless other toys) and Brosie didn’t want Lola to leave. It was so precious beyond words and made me happy and sad all at the same time. Lola was in girly heaven, it’s fun to play with other little girls and not always your big brothers. I wish they lived closer, maybe someday they will move out to the island with us too!


Liz visits Victoria and photoshoots are everywhere

I’m so thrilled to share the beautiful gift that my sister-in-law Liz did for me while visiting our family a few weeks ago. In actuality she sent me oodles of pictures but I won’t share all of them on the blog. Before Liz arrived I was feeling really down about how I looked currently and overall exhausted. After a few days with Liz’s amazing energy and gift for bringing out the best in everyone, I felt renewed. Thank you so much Liz for this special visit and your generosity in taking pictures of me and our whole family. You never cease to give your heart and soul to others, I treasure you in my life. Thanks for making me feel beautiful and for capturing my bond with Lola who as you so aptly described it “is addicted” to me. HAHA!

Find out more about Liz and her photography empire Lizzy Anne Photography here –>










Lola and Liz

Last week was truly a gift. My sister-in-law Elizabeth (Lizzy Anne Photography) visited us for 4 whole days, just herself. I can’t believe how lucky we were to get 100% pure Liz attention, it was magical and memorable.

One of the great things about Liz is her love of children and her fearlessness in getting them to fall in love with her. It’s so cool to see her work her magic, my kids think she’s so awesome. Lola is definitely my toughest customer when it comes to her giving anyone but me attention, but Liz wouldn’t give up, she worked and worked. By the end of the trip she had a little buddy in Lola who was even holding her hand while we drove in the car. I was utterly impressed, and so touched that Liz took such an interest in winning Lola’s heart. It meant so much to me.

SP Lola-1
SP Lola-2

Liz had her trusty camera out and at the ready most of the time. I loved how eager she was to capture all of our fun family moments. Lola received this sweet dress from Servane Barrau Designs, and when the sun was shining we found ourselves laughing and jumping on the trampoline together. Thanks to Liz we have these sweet pics!
SP Lola-4
SP Lola-3

I can’t wait to see the rest of the pictures from our visit together. We had several awesome photoshoots! Come back soon Liz, we love you!