Kindergarten Graduate

Somebody buy this boy some wheels – he’s graduated Kindergarten baby!! Our Noah was thrilled this week to graduate with his Kindergarten class and rush head first into summer holidays. Noah has come a long way this year and I’m so proud of him, he is awesome. We celebrated the event by going to his yearend BBQ, and Noah received a “Special Person” button and diploma from his teacher Mrs. M. (My Mom, Dylan, Joshua, Brigs and Lola were there too!)

I told his teacher how grateful we were to have her to teach both Brigs in a previous year and now Noah. To which she said that “Noah was My Gift this year!” Isn’t it delightful to know that there are kind and wonderful people out there that care about your kids. She made me tear up. Having great teachers is such a blessing, and Noah definitely hit the jackpot with Mrs. M!

Congratulations on your big Kindergarten milestone Noah, I’m so proud of my baby boy!! XOXO – Mom


ELEMENTARY my dear Noah!

This afternoon marks Noah’s 1st day of Kindergarten. He was SOOOO excited to get out the door, especially because we were all going to walk him to the school together.


He was BORN to wear a backpack!!! :)


One last sweet look for Mommy before we go. I love this boy so much.


By the tree in our front yard with his big brothers Joshua and Brigs.



Joshy and Brigs were so GREAT about making Noah’s 1st day a BIG DEAL. They were super proud of him, and they goofed around on the walk to the school.


Isn’t this the BEST shot ever?!! HAHAHAHA




Look how proud he looks to be with his older brothers.


Then little sister Lola joined in the “Noah Celebration”



Brigs wanted to take Noah to the classroom because he had the same Kindergarten teacher. Brigs was showing Noah the ropes about where to hang his backpack. It was darling to see him care so much. This is the point I started to tear up.

IMG_5435 copy

My not-so-little Noah with his teacher.

IMG_5439 copy

And to end the story. I’m at home now, Lola is napping and I’m still teary about Noah growing so much. But I’m so super happy and excited for all he will learn this year. He jumped right in and started showing his puzzle solving skills. He’s ready!!!

Super Noah is staying home

After discussion with Noah’s new Kindergarten teacher, other parents, and family, both Nathan and I are feeling really good about keeping him home one more year. He’ll be attending pre-school as well and I think that an added year at home will give Noah a better foundation for K next fall.

I want my boy to feel ready and excited to venture out and into the wonderful world of learning. I was worried about starting him so young. His teacher gave me some great advice, and basically told me that she tells parents if they are questioning it then to go with your intuition, he’ll be so much more ready to learn if he’s not pushed into conforming to expectations.

I feel really at peace about it, I was going over it and over it for so long in my head. I really think this will be the very best thing for my Noah, and I’m excited to have him with me just a little bit longer too. Now I’m sitting down to write out some goals for things we’ll work on together this year at home, I know that I can give him some things this year that will benefit him for next fall and I’m excited to have that opportunity.