Lola’s Rose Garden

This year Lola has really taken an interest in the flowers around our home. In fact I believe she picked every spring tulip that I had planted, and gave them to me as little tokens. Now it’s summery hot on the Island, and our roses have been bursting and beautiful this year. In fact, most of the roses are way bigger than my fist! It’s incredible.

On this particular day this week, Lola wanted to smell every (and I mean every) flower in our yard. I grabbed the camera and didn’t rush her. She was so full of wonder and delight. What a treat to see the tender way she held the buds, and brought them to her cute little nose.

Lola in Gail's Garden

Our little doll enjoying the sheer splendor of Gail’s garden in Moses Lake. Gail’s yard is a dreamy place full of beauty, and seeing Lola enjoy it so much with adorable. We LOVE being with the Earls (and Lola adores being Tom’s favourite!!)

PS – I love the last shot where Lola’s little chin dimples are showing. She is so beautiful!