Happy 21st Birthday to Baby Boy

Happy 21st Birthday to my son Elder Dylan Tavis Muirhead!! Dylan changed my life when he arrived, I’ll never forget him as a little boy he was so precious and also mature beyond his years. He always just loved to be with me, and that pretty much has never changed. I’m so grateful to have a son that loves to laugh and talk with me, we have so much fun together and are always laughing.
I am so proud of the choices he has made, he felt a strong desire on his own to love and serve others on a two year mission for our church. It’s hard to be away from him (he’s been on a mission for one year this month) and yet hearing how happy he is in the service of others 24/7 and sharing about God is such a gift. If I was with him today I know he would plunk down next to me on my bed and ask me to tell him about the day he was born, and what he was like as a little child. I can’t put into words what he means to me, he’s one of my favorite people that I’ve ever known, talented, compassionate, loving and strong. He’s a hero to his younger siblings, and has become a dear friend to Nathan and I in his adulthood. Happy Birthday Baby Boy, I love you so much! Mom

My Baby Graduates High School

Our baby boy Dylan has graduated High School and in honour of the upcoming event his Aunt Liz flew out to Victoria to take his Senior Pictures. (I HIGHLY recommend having a talented and adorable photographer in the family!!)

Liz thanks for taking Dylan out for a fun photoshoot and making him feel special. He LOVES these shots, as do we all. You are awesome personified.

And now….my boy whom I love more than you can even imagine:



I'm Epicurious Now

I have a new goal to try making great new dishes for my family more often. I stumbled across this easy and delicious recipe on Epicurious.com for Italian Sausage Meatball Heroes! I made them last night and they were a huge hit with my family, oh so good.

I’m adding this to my recipe box and will definitely make them again…perhaps for Dylan’s Big 16th Birthday Bash this week. I know his friends would love them!

Little Joys of Motherhood

img_7174.jpg There’s something deliciously sweet about being a Mommy right now in my life. I’ve been deeply touched by the bond that I have with my boys, I feel so blessed to have them as mine. I started thinking about just a few of the treasures I have daily right now, and it somehow has worked itself into a blog post. Don’t get me wrong, somedays are tough and I feel like I’m going crazy. It’s only natural in a home so full of testosterone, however I am looking at my role as mommy differently lately. Please indulge me as I try to capture a small amount of what I feel.

Dylan – I can’t believe the blessing it is to have a relationship like this with my teenage son. I marvel and wonder what I ever did to deserve such an amazing child. You and I have been constant companions since the day you were born, my little buddy who was my one and only happiness in my life at one time. We went through alot together and now I know that all of it was worth it. I wouldn’t change a hair on your head kid! At this moment in life you are full of such humor and keep me laughing. I adore each moment that I get to spend with you, you make me feel so valued and respected. I know that many mothers do not have the joy of being truly respected by their children. I hold this as blessing from God, that you talk and share with me and that you still allow me to kiss your cheek and hug you. Thank you for being mine.

Joshy – You are growing up before my eyes, tall tall kid! Each day you are so full of vibrance and life! You make me giggle, you notice things that nobody else would (like when I wear a new pair of shoes, paint my toenails or wear new perfume). You always tell me that I’m beautiful, but it’s you who is beautiful in your loving and tender heart. You try to impress all the girls with your muscles, but I know you still think that “I’m your girl”. You are the KING of comedy around here, with the best one liners I’ve heard. I’m proud to be your Mommy.

Brigs – My little Tiger, my feisty little man. I’m so proud of the things you are doing! I know you are going through alot of changes right now, change isn’t easy for you. And yet I see a light and happiness in you this year as you try new things. I’m so encouraged by your happy face when I drop you at school in the mornings. I want everyone on the planet to know how darling you really are, you’re a sweetheart. I am also proud of the bravery you showed while going through your surgery and recovery this summer. At times I didn’t feel brave but you did so well son. You have so much determination and strength, I love that about you.

Noah – Little ray of sunshine. I could just eat you up, you darling! I sometimes feel near tears when I look at you, my little baby boy. I know that you are not a baby anymore but you still afford me the luxury of cuddle time and kisses. I love that you always want “Eyelash Kisses”, and that you’re talking a mile a minute about everything interesting to you. I love the inflection of your voice when you say “So Mommy! What do we do next?” and “I’m hurt, I want to talk about it”. I love that we get time together in the morning when the other boys are off to school. It’s sometimes the best part of my day because I feel like I really get to know you. You dazzle me with those brown eyes, and I can’t imagine loving you an ounce more than I do – I’d keel over! :)

Thank you for being my children, I love you and I’m so happy to know how fortunate I am. It’s like the heaven’s opened up and poured down the four most adorable children into my home! I am one lucky, lucky mom. XOXOXO!

And They're Off

The first two days of school are now under my belt for this year and I’m doing a bit better. I know I was pretty weepy about my boys heading back to class (I just have so much fun with them when they’re around), but they are enjoying it thus far.

Joshua scored big time in the teacher department and ended up with Dylan’s old grade 2 teacher. She promptly came over and gushed about how he looked so much like Dylan (which Dylan was pretty pleased to hear – being memorable is always a bonus). Brigs was a bit more hesitant when he hit the classroom, his new teacher seems outstanding and I’m excited to see those two work together this year. I’m going to be volunteering in both classrooms whenever I can so I can participate in what they are up to. Maybe I’ll even learn a thing or two – you never know!

Dylan shot into High School on the grade 9 technicality. Grade 9′s are included in High School here, gulp! He’s off each morning on the bus before I’m out of bed, and has reported that he knows tons of kids on the bus to school from last year. Thank goodness he didn’t have my horrific High School experience of being the new kid and not knowing anyone at all on the first day. We moved during the summer before I started High School and it felt like a huge adjustment just getting to know the kids in the school never-mind find your class, enjoy your class and actually participate. Man I’m glad its them and not me, I don’t really miss high school at all (other than a few close friends I made there).

Noah is my little man at home this year, and I’m so grateful that he is! I couldn’t bear to have them all away all day long. He’s my little sunshine buddy and we have some fun stuff planned to do while the big boys are gone this year.

September is like spring cleaning all over again. I have been ruthless in cleaning and organizing clothing and toys, bedrooms and toybins. Lots more to do but it feels so freeing to rid our home of surplus that is broken or unused. The kids can again walk into their bedroom and pick out the exact toy they want to play with – it’s BRILLIANT!! LOL!! Much better than being impaled in the foot by a swarm of GI Joe’s and plastic swords. For all my griping about organizing, I really do love things in order. (shhhh don’t tell anyone that because I can’t handle the pressure!)

Anyway, that’s my scoop today. I’ve got loads on the go with Boutique Cafe as well, I could use a nap tonight before bed. :) Ciao readers and thanks for dropping by my crazy life.

Prepping for High School

This morning Dylan and I routed through his entire closet and drawers, in prep for him starting High School on Tuesday. I can’t believe we moved to a city where 9th graders go to High School, I’m soooo not ready for this!!

On the bright side we organized his clothing together and have a huge donations box of stuff he had outgrown. The kid is totally growing right now and it’s crazy to see how few pants he had that actually fit him (even though there were mounds of them in the closet, all too small!).

His closet is now fit for a king, he even has a “shirts I look hot in” section!! (but I named it that). I’ve purchased a few shirts for him for the new school year, but the boy is in serious need of some great jeans/socks and maybe a new hoodie. We still need to grab him a backpack and his school supplies, but it feels good to have his closet ready for him and fully stocked with clean apparel. BooYah! Super Mom is on it!

Proud Mama

My son just rocked out his final report card, and now he’s headed off to High School in the Fall! Way to go Dylan, I’m so proud of you. You totally kicked it up a notch and proved to yourself that you could do it. I hope you can always remember what it took for you get here, I know you can continue to do that. You’re a smart kid (oops, I mean teenager!). It is fun to watch you investing in a goal, and makes me so thrilled to see you succeed at it (it’s better than a shopping spree to me!).