A Birthday Letter to My Dad

Dear Dad,
Tomorrow is your 74th Birthday. You passed away almost 3 months ago on Feb. 15th (the day after Valentine’s Day).

Since you’ve left this mortal life, our lives have not been remotely the same. I can’t even begin to tell you how deeply you are missed, thought of, talked about. Your stories are legendary. Your jokes retold. I think you would be so pleased and happy to know how much you have affected so many people throughout your life for the better. Everyone loves to tell me how much they love you, and everyone has a hilariously awesome story to tell me about you. It’s been a gift in someways to have this opportunity to focus on you and honor you, we’ve learned more about your life and we’ve loved you even more.

Each day, I have a moment when I pick up the phone to call you. I can hear your voice in my mind “Dee! My Dee!” answering the call. Then the reality sets in that we can’t have that conversation, that you are busy on the Lord’s errand in another place and I need to be patient and save up my news for the resurrection, or my own journey into heaven.

Dad, I want you to know (and I know that you do) how much I love you. I know that you and I had some rocky times years ago, but I assure you that every bit of that washed away and everything that remains is pure love and gratitude for everything you’ve given me. I just miss you. My heart aches to hear your voice.

On Sunday in our ward at church it was Mother’s Day. One of the speakers was talking about Mothers of course, but then he lovingly honored each of his daughters beaming proudly and exclaiming how truly proud he was to be their Dad. At that moment my tears flooded my face (the full on ugly cry) because it felt as though that was you up there saying those words to me. I know you were proud of me, and each of us kids. Your family were your riches, and you let us know it. It was hard on Sunday as I felt the flow of tears dripping down my cheeks, but then a flood of warmth filled my heart and I knew for just a moment you were there and came to let me know you loved me on Mother’s day.

Daddy, I don’t think I can ever get over this loss. It’s harder than I imagined losing a parent would feel. I always knew that it would be so painful, but the hole in my heart that remains is like on ongoing ache. I am doing all that I can to just keep moving, and to do so with grace and gratitude. I can feel better for a awhile but then the reality that I’m going to live the rest of this life without your hugs is unbearable. Nobody loves me like you do. So when you left it just has been so apparent how precious you are to me.

This experience makes me more and more thankful for our Savior Jesus Christ. That he performed the Atonement on behalf of all mankind because he loves us so much, and wants us to return to the presence of our Heavenly Father. It is armed with my deep faith and a love of God that I am able to keep going. It is with joy that I dream of a reunion with you, how great will be my joy to see you again.

I wish you a Happy Birthday Dad. You are my Dad for all Eternity, thank you for the binding covenants you made with Mom and Heavenly Father to ensure we can be together forever. I love you infinitely and truly.

Your Pook,

Happy 21st Birthday to Baby Boy

Happy 21st Birthday to my son Elder Dylan Tavis Muirhead!! Dylan changed my life when he arrived, I’ll never forget him as a little boy he was so precious and also mature beyond his years. He always just loved to be with me, and that pretty much has never changed. I’m so grateful to have a son that loves to laugh and talk with me, we have so much fun together and are always laughing.
I am so proud of the choices he has made, he felt a strong desire on his own to love and serve others on a two year mission for our church. It’s hard to be away from him (he’s been on a mission for one year this month) and yet hearing how happy he is in the service of others 24/7 and sharing about God is such a gift. If I was with him today I know he would plunk down next to me on my bed and ask me to tell him about the day he was born, and what he was like as a little child. I can’t put into words what he means to me, he’s one of my favorite people that I’ve ever known, talented, compassionate, loving and strong. He’s a hero to his younger siblings, and has become a dear friend to Nathan and I in his adulthood. Happy Birthday Baby Boy, I love you so much! Mom

My little Artist is turning 7

noahart My beautiful brown eyed boy is turning 7 tomorrow. Noah is our sweet little boy, with a huge passion for artwork. He loves to draw, and spends hours and hours immersed in his world of color and expression. It’s cool to see a little boy so serious about his drawing, he loves to show his art books filled with pictures to those who will sit still and allow him the pleasure of describing each one. Noah also loves Robots – they are TOTALLY his thing.

I love Noah’s sweet voice, his kind heart, his hugs and kisses, and the way that he refers to his brothers as “my friends”. He is a gift to my life and I think he’s so special. Happy Birthday to my youngest baby boy – I love you so dearly Noah. XOXO Mommy

It's Lola Day!

One year ago today the most beautiful little girl entered my life. For so many years I waited for the chance to have her, and after many heartaches and struggles I almost gave up…but God had another plan. My dream came true on a cold December day last year. Now one year later and she has brought me so much joy, a fulness to my heart, and changed me forever. Not only a change for me, but for our entire family. We adore our Lola Olivia so much, in fact we often say that her name should have been LOLA JOY, because of all the happiness she trucks right along with her. This year has gone by far too quickly, but I can honestly say that I have been throughly present for and enjoyed to the fullest Lola’s first year in a profound way. I fondly miss her tiny infant days, but these walkin’ talkin’ splashin’ laughin’ bigger baby days are pretty great themselves.

Lola my love, Happy Birthday precious girl. With all my heart MumMum


Saturday is Nie Nie's Birthday!

Happy Birthday this weekend to inspiring mommy blogger Stephanie Nielson (Nie Nie)! We love you so much and wish you the happiest Birthday ever! To celebrate @sweettoothfairy is baking up yummy yummy’s!!

If you haven’t read Nie’s blog before, we can promise you’ll walk away feeling more love for your family, for life’s gifts, and for your faith than you ever thought possible. Now scoot over to the Sweet Tooth Fairy Bake Shop in Utah this Saturday, from 11am to 7pm. All proceeds from the sales of the VaNIElla Squared cupcakes will benefit the Nie Recovery.

A Birthday Party for Little Miss

So I have a quick moment finally for a little update on our family happenings. On April 10th our Little Miss turned two years old!! We were delighted to discover that she could be with us on her Birthday, her foster parents brought her to our home and she stayed for a fun filled weekend with us.

Never having thrown a girls birthday before, I relished the chance to wrap the house in pink! The only problem was that I only had about an hour to pull off this miracle before she would arrive. Balloons, streamers, pink party hats, pink drinks, delicious cupcakes, and a doorway covered with precious pictures of our little gal greeted her on the way in. She also needed a pink feather boa to wear. It worked out famously. For her gifts she received a little Dora the Explorer push car, and a Dora Ball Pit that required three adults to blowup (not to mention the myriad of clothing in her closet that still is awaiting her to get here full time). Our little family party was so much fun, and the boys were all into decorating with me. I love how excited they get just before she arrives, it’s adorable.

Huge Shoutout to Ebay Auntie Amy from Tote and Tee who sent Little Miss the most ADORABLE “2″ shirt for her bday! Amy you are awesome and I had tears when we opened that package to find the tee you made for my girl. Sniff! It means alot.

For our sweet Little Miss, I just want you to know that we love you so much. And even though we haven’t been with you each day of your life thus far, that will all change very soon. We continue to love and pray for you each and every day, and are so proud of the darling girl you are. Happy Birthday sweetheart! XO – Mommy

My Noah is 4!

The day finally arrived, despite my denial my little Noah has turned 4 years old today! Wow, I can’t believe how quickly the time has flown by. It seems like yesterday he was my tiny little newborn baby in NICU with tubes to help him breathe. Once he arrived home from the hospital I snuggled him up and remember just wanting to be alone with him, to cherish his preciousness. I felt so blessed that he was healthy enough to come home, and I don’t think I’ve let go of him since. He’s just my little miracle boy, full of smiles and funny expressions, sweet sounds and magical big brown eyes.

These days Noah loves to pretend he is Indiana Jones or Batman, loves anything and everything his big brothers are interested in, and still loves to cuddle up with Mommy. I honestly can’t picture my life without this little man.

Today for his Birthday I’m hoping to take him outside for some pictures. I’ll share them later. Happy Happy Birthday Noah-boah, Mommy loves you more than you’ll ever know!

Where is that girl?

Wondering why I haven’t written lately? Well it might be due to the lame birthday I just barely experienced, causing me to go into a state of shock/coma. I’m NOT embracing the new number that signifies my worldy experience, but I will definitely embrace any comments from people saying that I look WAY WAY younger than my age.

ModGreetings Change Lives!

I was feeling sorry for myself today, my son Brigs is celebrating his 6th Birthday and it’s been emotional for me. I guess it’s just because he still feels so little to me, and the number SIX just blares out how truly grownup my kids are getting!

In the midst of my mid-morning Mommy Grief, I opened the mail to find this deliriously beautiful card with “I LOVE YOU” on the front. Only to discover that my dear friend Patty has sent me the sweetest note inside one of the cards she designed!!

There’s something so special about having someone take the time to handwrite you a thank you card (something I fall short on often). As I opened it and read her words I felt so happy. Thrilled that she thought of me, but even more that she saw so much positive attention and traffic from the surprise feature I did on her new line of greeting cards called ModGreetings. It’s so rewarding to know that the small things I do on BC can have a big impact for the ladies in our community that I adore. I just want to sing about you talented gals from the rooftops and thankfully a few people enjoy listening in and subscribing to my joyous tune! :)

Thank you Patty for being a darling and wonderful friend to me, your thoughtfulness touched my heart today. I might even allow Brigs to turn SEVEN next year because I have such a great support system of friends.

*now everyone go buy some of Patty’s greeting cards – they change people’s lives! Daria

A Blast of a Weekend

Over the weekend we had the sheer delight to have Nathan’s parents, sisters and their adorable kiddos here for a visit. Being with them again made me realize just how homesick for our Calgary family members I had become. It was a wonderful weekend with trampoline bounding, head bumping, ladder climbing (and subsequent falling), water sliding, baby lovin’ action! I absolutely adore my nieces and nephews, they are so full of love and energy. I got so many hugs and kisses, nuzzles from cutie-pie Seger, and Cora really noticed and connected with me for the first time in a girly bonding sort of way. I was in Auntie Heaven!! Evan was all boy and ran around with our kids enjoying all the “guy stuff” we have around here. Freyja is my special little doll and we have a huge love for each other. I’m often treated to stories from Nicole about songs she makes up about me, peppered with frequent phone calls saying “I Lo-ff you Daria!!”. Then Miss Vienna was of course the life of the party, she’s so like her Mommy in looks and in spunk!! LOL!!

When they arrived on Saturday I had picked up a belated Birthday cake for Liz, thinking that it would be a blast for the kids to say that they came to a party at our house. We also had missed being with her on her Birthday and wanted to share the love. On Saturday evening Dad, Nathan, Liz, Nicole and Dylan took all the kids to the Ramada swimming pool and water slides. This meant some much needed visiting time for Mom & I (plus Seger)! We took him with us to Superstore and he was absolute delight in every way. I couldn’t get over what a happy, cheerful, bubbly baby he is…I want him!

On Sunday we went to Aunt Janet’s ward at church to hear Ashley’s homecoming talk from her mission for the church. It was a beautiful talk on sacrifice and I bawled through much of it, I was so touched by all she had learned. Then once that was over we all headed back to Muirhead Manor for some eggs benedict (Dad seemed to be in heaven over that). I was so happy to feed them all and the compliments were much appreciated! We later headed over to Bryan and Janet’s lovely home and enjoyed a delicious dinner. As we drove up to Janet’s house Joshua exclaimed “It’s a Beauty!!” and he’s so right, they’re home is gorgeous! Noah is fully in love with “BABY” (aka Seger) and found great joy in honking his nose and making a very Loud piggy snort. He bawled when “Baby” left and was very upset…mmmmm….that’s all I’m sayin. :)
Here’s a few fave shots from the weekend. True to form my older children are nowhere to be found when the camera comes out. I think someday they’ll be shocked to hear that they were in attendance at any family events at all. If any of you caught my kids on film I wanna know about it! Love you all!