My New Love

L12254874Meet my gorgeous new Kitchen Aid Mixer!! I am so ecstatic I can hardly breathe, she’s finally mine!! I’ve wanted one our entire married life (10 yrs in Aug), and this Mother’s Day Nathan and the boys gifted me one. The only color he could get his hands on was black in the store, but he knew I wanted a specific color so I was able to trade it in for the one I was dreaming of.

Isn’t she just beautiful? Vintage Martha Stewart Blue, Artisan 5 quart. Love Love Love it! I feel crazy spoiled now, I just about hugged the delivery guy. :) Thank you Honey for this wonderful gift, I am so excited to whip up yummy stuff for you with it!! XO – Daria

I'm Epicurious Now

I have a new goal to try making great new dishes for my family more often. I stumbled across this easy and delicious recipe on for Italian Sausage Meatball Heroes! I made them last night and they were a huge hit with my family, oh so good.

I’m adding this to my recipe box and will definitely make them again…perhaps for Dylan’s Big 16th Birthday Bash this week. I know his friends would love them!