Parksville Family Camping – instagram photos

Last weekend we planned a quick little Stay-Cation with our kids. Our trusty little tent trailer is comfy and a great way to get away on weekends. We packed up early Friday and headed up island to Parksville for camping practically on the beach.

It was a hurried trip, we had two days and only one overnight. It’s amazing what you can jam into such a short vacay! The sandy beach at Parkville is beautiful and goes out forever. It was colder while we were there so we didn’t swim, but walked the beach exploring. I ran to the local dollar store and snagged a few little kites and the boys had a blast flying them (so did Lola she was awesome!!).

I love our family! We had so much fun together!

Dylan turns 17 – Trip to Victoria

This month my big baby boy turned 17! Can you believe that he’s that old already? I’m dying here.

As part of his Birthday gift we wanted to spend some time with our boy and make memories with him. We decided to take him (and Lola) out to visit Victoria in British Columbia. The three little boys stayed in Calgary with their Nana and Papa for several jam packed days of crafting, movies, cousins, frogging and fun!! (Thank you again Mom and Dad for taking them – they are still buzzing about all the fun they had with you!)

We arrived late at night but that didn’t discourage us from going out. We checked into our little hotel room on the Inner Harbor and walked downtown (Lola in tow) to check out the city. We found a waffle place that was open late at night and had delicious waffles around midnight.

Our adventures over the next few days included Whale Watching, exploring the island, shopping, eating at many delicious restaurants (The Blue Fox for Breakfast, Haultain Fish and Chips), walking the beaches, spotting an adorable family of seals bobbing in the ocean near us, and Zip Line/Bunjee Jumping.

I loved our trip, the entire time I felt emotional thinking about how my son is growing up so quickly. Soon things will change once again and trips alone with him won’t be happening. I’m so happy that we took this opportunity to vacation and enjoy him, he is so funny!! I hope you enjoy the little video I’ve put together to remember our adventures.