Picasso Peeps – DIY

Check out my little Dollar Store find tonight! I purchased these little obtuse chicks, but you could EASILY make your own DIY style…for reals! All you need is a kidney shaped piece of foam (cut it that way), wrap with your favorite colored twine or raffia. The eyes can be purchased at Michaels or any craft store for cheap. The beak is merely a piece of orange paper glued on. And the little chick feet are wire wrapped in string. Quick Easy and adorable – I’ve named these guys my little Picasso Peeps! Happy Easter! – Daria


Instagram = awesome

logoCamera Just had to share this fun little app with my friends and family. If you have an iPhone go and snag this in the App Store. It’s called Instagram and it’s FREE – yes Free!

It’s a fun and easy way to snap pics of your everyday life, and using their professional filters make your life look Far more interesting. LOL!! I’ve been using it and I’m addicted. I love how you can snap a shot of something mundane and Instagram can change it to look fresh and cool.

This one is a fave new app for sure! – Daria

Here’s a few pics I shot today:

Liberty of Lola


Lola’s sweet and awesome Auntie Katie made it possible for Lola to score some darling “Liberty of London” clothes from the US! She looks so adorable in them. Thank you so much Katie for all your work to coordinate, picking up and shipping for me. Lola loves her new clothes and can’t wait to see Holly again soon too. XO – Daria

My New Love

L12254874Meet my gorgeous new Kitchen Aid Mixer!! I am so ecstatic I can hardly breathe, she’s finally mine!! I’ve wanted one our entire married life (10 yrs in Aug), and this Mother’s Day Nathan and the boys gifted me one. The only color he could get his hands on was black in the store, but he knew I wanted a specific color so I was able to trade it in for the one I was dreaming of.

Isn’t she just beautiful? Vintage Martha Stewart Blue, Artisan 5 quart. Love Love Love it! I feel crazy spoiled now, I just about hugged the delivery guy. :) Thank you Honey for this wonderful gift, I am so excited to whip up yummy stuff for you with it!! XO – Daria

Move Over Betty Crocker

Mama’s makin’ cupcakes! :) My buddy Elizabeth and I baked up some fun little cupcakes the other day. It was fun to mix up some sugary treats while she’s here staying with us. They weren’t perfect, but man were they yummy ! (P.S. isn’t Elizabeth super cute in my red apron? Love it!)

Friendship + 1 box of cakemix = fun!


Easter Break Rewind

For Easter Break this year we decided to travel across the border to Washington and visit the lovely city of Spokane. Partly because we hadn’t ever been there, and mostly because the iPad was being released in the US and we wanted one for our very own. It’s always sweet to coincide our family trips with an Apple launch (you laugh but it actually works out fairly often for us). While in Spokane we shopped, took the kids to the children’s museum, viewed the IMAX 3D version of “How to Train Your Dragon”, swam in the hotel pool, attended an Easter play downtown at the convention centre, enjoyed the beauty of Riverside Park and all the amazing bridges/waterfalls, took in an arena football game with the Spokane Shock, and ate at SONIC drive-in twice…YUM. On our drive home we stayed at a cool hotel in Fernie with a killer waterslide – the kids loved it.

There’s just nothing like being able to get away together as a family. I am always so impressed with the kids, they travel so well now (even Lola – her first road trip and she slept the whole way on both legs of the trip). Sweet baby. Here’s just a few pics from our family getaway, I have most posted in my Flickr Stream too.


{Date Night} – Taj Restaurant

Last night Nathan and I broke with the typical mainstream restaurant, and decided to try out a fun little East Indian place called Taj for our date night. I’ve only had Indian cuisine once before with Bjorn and Nicole in Calgary and we loved it, it was about time we tried it again.

As we entered the establishment I must say we were both saying how much Bjorn would be in heaven. The restaurant isn’t the Ritz, but because it’s so offbeat that is it’s charm. It feels like you’ve discovered a fun treasure of culinary delight. This quaint little place boasts the BEST Butter Chicken ever! Oh my goodness it was so delicious you want to lick the plate – and it’s RED (not orange, bright bright red). Basmati rice = happiness and yummy yummy Nan bread. We will definitely be going back for more! Bjorn and Nicole, you are officially invited down for Butter Chicken! XOXO – Daria & Nate


Saturday is Nie Nie's Birthday!

Happy Birthday this weekend to inspiring mommy blogger Stephanie Nielson (Nie Nie)! We love you so much and wish you the happiest Birthday ever! To celebrate @sweettoothfairy is baking up yummy yummy’s!!

If you haven’t read Nie’s blog before, we can promise you’ll walk away feeling more love for your family, for life’s gifts, and for your faith than you ever thought possible. Now scoot over to the Sweet Tooth Fairy Bake Shop in Utah this Saturday, from 11am to 7pm. All proceeds from the sales of the VaNIElla Squared cupcakes will benefit the Nie Recovery.