Allow me to backtrack – Larsen’s were here!

I have to go way wayyyyy back into summer because we have had an amazing amount of company and visitors this year. It’s been so special to us to see so many we love. First came our niece Vienna, all on her own so she could get her teeth done by Uncle Nathan. (this amazing little girl drove back from Alberta with Nathan and Dylan and she was a delight!!).

This was Vienna’s “AWESOME” idea, to put Lola on the boogie board in the hot tub with the big kids and push her around. Oh my, Lola loved it!

Soon after the Larsen’s arrived for their annual trip to the Island, we love seeing them and we had a couple jam packed days.

Swimming and hot tub fun, Museum, Mount Doug Beach, Gyro Park, Tacofino (the ultimate in fish tacos! Bjorn was in heaven) and more! We love our Larsen’s!

Recreating the scene from Titanic

One of the Ultimate reasons I adore my brother in law!!!

Random Pics on a Summer Day

Nathan, Dylan and Joshua are all away at a church camp this week called Moroni’s Quest. I’m at home with my 3 youngest. It’s actually quite special to have time with just my babies, we’re spending our time enjoying the sunshine. Here are some random shots from today, the kids swam in the pool, layed in the hammock, delivered newspapers, jumped on the trampoline, watered the gardens, sprayed each other with the hose, and got slurpees. I’d say it has been a great day and I think they’ll crash soon.