Homeschool Graduation – my girls

Last Friday evening we had the honour of attending the Homeschool Graduation of these gorgeous, talented & amazing girls. Shae, Tanisha and Ellen who were all my Young Women at one time and are most dear to me. What a delight to come together to celebrate their achievements and also to hear of their dreams for the future. As a homeschooling parent myself it was a beautiful experience to see so many in our community and church family gather to celebrate these remarkable girls. I just adore them and had so much fun snapping pics of the evening for them.

We've Been "Blue Lily-fied"

Oh my heavens! Wendy and Tyler of Blue Lily Photography came to Alberta before our move to The Island and we were able to snag a family photo session. I “patiently” awaited on our session for a year knowing that they would be coming to the Calgary area and we could finally meet in person and capture our family in photos.

daria muirhead August 09, 2011 IMG_4363

On the day of the session it was crazy – we weren’t sure we could even make it in time driving up from Lethbridge. But made it we did, and in spite of reports of possible rain we had beautiful evening light. The only major issue were the millions of biting and nasty mosquitos threatening our very lives. I joked with Wendy that she would have to spend hours photoshopping them off of our faces. :)

Between the travel time, and the time of night our kids were crazy monster children ready to pounce. Lola wouldn’t stand still and was constantly escaping and running down the paths yelling “RUNNNNNNNN!!!” Noah was freaking out about ants on his shoes, and Joshy and Brigs were trying to behave but couldn’t sit still or resist trying to parent the other kids. It was a gong-show comedy playing out right in front of my photography blog icon friends! I could die! Wendy in spite of all the chaos was cool, collected and darling – all the time telling me how precious my children were and how perfectly we were dressed. I love her!

Seeing the images today brought tears to my eyes. These are the last family pics of our family in Alberta, they are treasures to me. I love and stand in awe of how Wendy was able to capture such beautiful shots of our family. We love each other and she was able to get that, despite all of the chaos. I can’t tell you how much I recommend the Blue Lily experience, they are the travelling vagabond photographers who just might be in your neck of the woods next. I have many more images I couldn’t share on here, but I love them all – the shots of my individual children are beautiful too. Come over and I’ll show you all the shots! Thank you Wendy + Tyler – we loved being “Blue Lily-fied” and can’t wait to do it again. XOXO – Daria, Nathan and family

You can catch up with the photography and travels of Wendy + Tyler (and their adorable insanely well behaved children) here>>

daria muirhead August 09, 2011 IMG_4372
daria muirhead August 09, 2011 IMG_4426
daria muirhead August 09, 2011 IMG_4452
daria muirhead August 09, 2011 IMG_4457
daria muirhead August 09, 2011 IMG_4582daria muirhead August 09, 2011 IMG_4584
daria muirhead August 09, 2011 IMG_4631
daria muirhead August 09, 2011 IMG_4730
daria muirhead August 09, 2011 IMG_4734

Vintage Lola

Once upon a time, two sisters were dressed the same for a little photograph. Since that time my sister Courtnee and I have hung onto this dress in the hopes that one day there would be a girl in the family to continue the tradition and wear the little yellow bib dress.

Lola you made a dream come true for both Auntie Nee and Mommy. We love you punkin! You’re so pretty in your vintage dress. XOXO Mommy (or “HAAAA” as you like to call me)



If You Can't Take The Heat…come on over

The water is COLD!! We’re working on a heater, but in the meantime we are most happy to have wetsuits. It was so hot today the boys couldn’t wait to jump into the pool and Nate was hot on their heels. (isn’t he dreamy??!!)

PS – Brigs had his haircut last night and they sprayed it red for fun, that’s why he’s got the red color. I don’t want anyone thinking he had a head injury!! LOL!

Liberty of Lola


Lola’s sweet and awesome Auntie Katie made it possible for Lola to score some darling “Liberty of London” clothes from the US! She looks so adorable in them. Thank you so much Katie for all your work to coordinate, picking up and shipping for me. Lola loves her new clothes and can’t wait to see Holly again soon too. XO – Daria

Sharing Brosie

My friend Elizabeth and her baby girl Brosie (7 months) have been staying with us for a few days and having a blast together!! I snapped a few pics of Brosie bug and thought I’d share. Love taking pics of babies, it’s the best! Her eyes are so amazing, and she’s just full of love.