Noah’s Baptism Day

A few pictures from Noah’s special day. If you know our Noah you definitely know that this boy is a deep thinking, deep feeling soul. He’s shy very often so he wanted to have a more personal Baptism with less onlookers there, however in the moment he was excited and grateful for all of the support and attention. It worked out perfectly! Noah is actually 9 years old, usually children are Baptized in our church when they turn 8, however we felt that Noah wasn’t quite ready and we wanted him to understand the covenant he was making. It was perfection that we waited, I’m so happy we did because as my children keep teaching me over and over again, they all come to things in their own time and when they do it’s Magic! It just clicks.

Noah was deeply concerned about going under the water, so he was overjoyed when Nathan said that he could wear goggles to be Baptized (whatever made him feel comfortable), and I have to tell you that when he walked into the Baptismal font with goggles (thanks to his Auntie Nicole who went last minute to hunt some down!!) it was the most adorable scene I’ve ever witnessed. Oh I love that boy!

We were so fortunate that Nathan’s side of the family was able to come and be a part of this special day with us! Noah’s Auntie Katie made a special Baptism towel for Noah with “CTR” on it (Choose the Right). He loves it!

Noah was Baptized and Confirmed a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latterday Saints by his Daddy. When Noah was changing after he was Baptized he said to Nathan several times “I feel so happy!” “I feel so happy to be Baptized!”

A Few Special things on the Program:

Opening Prayer : Conor Muirhead (Noah’s Uncle)

Baptism Talk : Nathan Muirhead

Song: Baptism by the Sister Missionaries (Sister Hale, Sister Nelson, Sister Jones and Sister Evangelista)

Testimonies: Jim Muirhead, Ted Murray, Daria Muirhead, Catherine Muirhead,

Talk on the Holy Ghost : Kim Kara (a special friend in our ward)

Closing Prayer: Nicole Larsen (Noah’s Aunt)

We are so grateful for everyone’s love and support of Noah! Thank you to those that came so far, and also for our family that couldn’t come but sent messages of love for him. Thank you all, it was a special day in the life of our family.

Here’s a link to the LDS church website if you would like to know more about Baptism and our Heavenly Father’s Plan for his children. I can tell you that for me living the Gospel of Jesus Christ brings me such happiness and joy, it’s the foundation of my life and my family. If you’d like to read more about my own Baptism as a child, I have recounted some fond memories on my profile here>>

Noah’s Dream Come True!! Cake Pop Making with Nana

It’s true what they say about the way to a man’s heart being through his stomach. Especially my little man Noah, he is in heaven when he gets to bake anything! This past week he was delighted to have his Nana here on a visit and happy to make brownie cake pops with him. He’s been talking about it ever since. (BTW, Noah totally fell in love with his Nana and told her so frequently. They also read alot of books together, and he told her “I want to read with you…because I LOVE you!”)

What a treat for us to have Nate’s parents come and stay with us for 10 days. We love being with them, and all of the fun we have together. It never matters what we do, even just hanging out is a blast because we enjoy each other so much. During their visit I hardly took a picture, I was just involved in the moment which is sometimes better than snapping away. I’m grateful to have a few shots though of their little baking date.

We managed to see the new “Oz The Great and Powerful” movie with them and Dylan. We went to dinner at the Keg, shopped, laughed, played games, went to the Lego exhibit in Sidney, ate, soaked in the hot tub, and a few of us even had a bought of the flu together (hope you guys feel better soon!). Thanks so much for the fun visit Mom and Dad – we love it when you’re with us!!

My little Artist is turning 7

noahart My beautiful brown eyed boy is turning 7 tomorrow. Noah is our sweet little boy, with a huge passion for artwork. He loves to draw, and spends hours and hours immersed in his world of color and expression. It’s cool to see a little boy so serious about his drawing, he loves to show his art books filled with pictures to those who will sit still and allow him the pleasure of describing each one. Noah also loves Robots – they are TOTALLY his thing.

I love Noah’s sweet voice, his kind heart, his hugs and kisses, and the way that he refers to his brothers as “my friends”. He is a gift to my life and I think he’s so special. Happy Birthday to my youngest baby boy – I love you so dearly Noah. XOXO Mommy

Kindergarten Graduate

Somebody buy this boy some wheels – he’s graduated Kindergarten baby!! Our Noah was thrilled this week to graduate with his Kindergarten class and rush head first into summer holidays. Noah has come a long way this year and I’m so proud of him, he is awesome. We celebrated the event by going to his yearend BBQ, and Noah received a “Special Person” button and diploma from his teacher Mrs. M. (My Mom, Dylan, Joshua, Brigs and Lola were there too!)

I told his teacher how grateful we were to have her to teach both Brigs in a previous year and now Noah. To which she said that “Noah was My Gift this year!” Isn’t it delightful to know that there are kind and wonderful people out there that care about your kids. She made me tear up. Having great teachers is such a blessing, and Noah definitely hit the jackpot with Mrs. M!

Congratulations on your big Kindergarten milestone Noah, I’m so proud of my baby boy!! XOXO – Mom


Noah and My Name

Noah is so adorable right now, I love that little boy. Sometimes he is so endearing and tender. The other day he asked me:

“Mommy, what is your name?”
I replied “Thanks for asking Noah, my name is Daria!”
To which he answered “I want to call you Daria now, ALL of the time!”

Well I’m not quite ready to let go of hearing my 6 year old call me Mommy, but I think it’s kind of adorable that a few days later he brings me this picture that he made for me at school ->>

Daria Loves you Noah :) (and so does Mommy!!)

ELEMENTARY my dear Noah!

This afternoon marks Noah’s 1st day of Kindergarten. He was SOOOO excited to get out the door, especially because we were all going to walk him to the school together.


He was BORN to wear a backpack!!! :)


One last sweet look for Mommy before we go. I love this boy so much.


By the tree in our front yard with his big brothers Joshua and Brigs.



Joshy and Brigs were so GREAT about making Noah’s 1st day a BIG DEAL. They were super proud of him, and they goofed around on the walk to the school.


Isn’t this the BEST shot ever?!! HAHAHAHA




Look how proud he looks to be with his older brothers.


Then little sister Lola joined in the “Noah Celebration”



Brigs wanted to take Noah to the classroom because he had the same Kindergarten teacher. Brigs was showing Noah the ropes about where to hang his backpack. It was darling to see him care so much. This is the point I started to tear up.

IMG_5435 copy

My not-so-little Noah with his teacher.

IMG_5439 copy

And to end the story. I’m at home now, Lola is napping and I’m still teary about Noah growing so much. But I’m so super happy and excited for all he will learn this year. He jumped right in and started showing his puzzle solving skills. He’s ready!!!