This makes me all kinds of Happy

My little sugar plum had a fun Christmas photoshoot this year, it’s something I’ve always wanted to do for her but this was the perfect year to do it. My boys are totally not fans of the camera right now but we are getting some new family pics soon as well.

In the meantime, I will just delight in the sweetness of my little doll.

Lola Playing Dress Up – Frozen

I love these pics of Lola pretending and playing in our backyard before bed tonight. She was happily prancing and singing all the songs from Frozen in her Elsa dress. I had to only grab my camera and pretend I wasn’t there most of the time. I love watching her play, I love her little girl arms with marker on them and her hair all tousled. Childhood is such a beautiful thing.


I love this darling girl, she is most precious to me. In moments like this when she’s growing, and I can see the beautiful person she is ever becoming I have a heart full of gratitude.

Lola’s first Ballet Classes – last day

At the end of November Lola’s first Ballet classes ended. Each day since she comes to me and says “It’s NOT Ballet day Mommy”, she misses it for sure.

We were so proud of our girl. Nathan sneaked out of work and I brought the younger boys with me to see her last class. Lola’s brothers were delighted, in fact Joshua said afterwards “That was the MOST adorable half hour of my life!”.

A few of Lola’s class members were sick that day (massive flu going around) so it was just Quinn and Lola, along with Miss Emily.

We can’t wait for the next round of classes in the New Year. Lola dreams in ballet pink.

My Shadow

When I was growing up, I always followed my Mom around everywhere. In fact, I think I drove her crazy as a child because she’d turn around and I was always underfoot. Now Lola is doing the same thing to me, and I love it. I love having a little buddy and a shadow in her. She’s the dearest little blessing. I am thankful each and every day that she’s mine.

Lola’s Rose Garden

This year Lola has really taken an interest in the flowers around our home. In fact I believe she picked every spring tulip that I had planted, and gave them to me as little tokens. Now it’s summery hot on the Island, and our roses have been bursting and beautiful this year. In fact, most of the roses are way bigger than my fist! It’s incredible.

On this particular day this week, Lola wanted to smell every (and I mean every) flower in our yard. I grabbed the camera and didn’t rush her. She was so full of wonder and delight. What a treat to see the tender way she held the buds, and brought them to her cute little nose.

The stomach flu

My little doll played hard yesterday, I never saw it coming. This morning she awoke so sick to her stomach. She was white as a ghost and shaky and hot. She couldn’t keep anything down, I felt so sad for her. After throwing up several times she looked up at me with eyes full of tears and said “Mommy, Lola is scared”. She’s so precious, I hate when my kids are sick but I love to dote on them and nurse them back to health. So today I’ve snuggled her and treated her like the little princess that she is. She’s starting to perk up a bit tonight so hopefully we’ve seen the worst of it.

Bee Line

This picture makes me laugh so hard. We attended Brentwood Bay Day, a small local fair/market today. Nathan took the kids to find food while I parked the car. When I started towards them Lola picked me out of the crowd (I was farther away than it looks) and made a total BEE LINE for me!

It’s these kind of moments, when my baby shows her adoration for me that make my heart sing. I love you Lola, and your “power run!!”

(*what do you think Liz and Katie? Does she have the makings of a marathon runner like you?)