My Kids Mean The World To Me

I am really one lucky Mom! I have the most darling kids in the world. Each day I am fortunate enough to be with them as they grow and learn together. I love the added closeness that homeschooling has brought for us this year, I love seeing my boys who literally HATED reading just months ago now devouring novels like they are going out of style. In fact, Joshua is reading 3 or 4 right now at the same time, he says “Mom, I sometimes can’t hear anything else when I’m reading. It’s like I’m in the book having an adventure and that’s the real world!” Music to my ears.


My friend Megan from Brassy Apple put out a call for pictures to her viewers and friends – we sent in a few to be included in her Refashion Your Life series. Check out the new video celebrating the Beauty of Life here>>

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Joshua Black and White

It’s been quite awhile since Joshua would allow me to take photos of him, (at least without him making funny faces). Tonight he was willing, and it was so much fun to snap a couple quick shots of my boy. I don’t often share pics of my boys, but it is not because I don’t think they are adorable…it’s truly because it’s hard to catch them when they aren’t a gigantic blur. They are busy and typically a bit goofy in front of the camera at this age.

Thanks sweet Joshy for taking a few minutes to pose in front of the camera, I can’t believe how grown up you are my heart can’t take it. (*the 1st shot is in a hat that his Dad brought back from Peru for him. It’s an alpacha hat and Josh has been sleeping in it. He loves it!)

Dress, Haircuts and Ski Hills

IMG_1632 Yesterday Lola wore one of her new dresses from Christmas. Thanks to Nathan’s Mom for this fun vibrant dress, I love it and so does Lola. In fact the perfect headband to go with it was picked out by Lola herself, who reached into the basket and placed it happily on her head. That girls knows her fashion! I was like…”GO GIRL!!” Nothing like dressing to impress when you’re heading downtown, we were the HIT of the car service department yesterday.

IMG_1607 My handsome little men showing off their new hairdo’s! Man are these kids huge now or am I crazy?! I can’t believe my little boys are looking more and more like young men.

By the way, I’m really loving using my favorite apps on my iPhone right now - Instagram and Camera+ they are the best for capturing life’s everyday moments when I don’t have my DSLR along for the ride. Trying desperately to capture a shot of my Noah today, but the boy is a blur when it comes to pics right now. He’s always moving.

Dylan (Tavis) is out on the ski hill today, snowboarding with a group of friends – lucky teenager! I wish I had pictures of that.

Joshy Lightens My Heart

(* Picture of Joshua and Lola having a great laugh together on Christmas morning 2010)

So the past several days have been a stressful time, I won’t go into details in public about why, but I have been praying harder than I ever have in my lifetime. I’m guessing the worry has been evident on my face because my Joshy came up to me and said in his own hilarious way…

“Mom what’s wrong? Are you sad, depressed, lonely? Were you misunderstood in College?” The laughter that ensued after that was therapeutic.

I’m grateful to have children who can see when someone is in need (including there parents) and reach out with support and a smile. I treasure you Joshua and when you read this blog later in life I want you to know that you couldn’t have had better timing or a more grateful Mom. I needed that!