Fire at Farm near our home

Smoke on the Water

Smoke on the Water

Last night around 7pm I looked out the kitchen window to see dark smoke rising up from behind some houses on our bay. I yelled to Nathan to come and look and we ran outside. The black plume was growing bigger and bigger by the second, so we grabbed the phone and called 911. As we talked with the emergency operator you could see bright orange flames growing higher, it looked to be in the farmers field about 1 km from our house.

We jumped in the car and drove to take a closer look at what had happened. Apparently a storage building at Vantreight Farms caught on fire. Thankfully nobody was injured or hurt in this fire. I read in the paper that it took over 30 firemen to get the fire contained. Thank goodness for firefighters!! I sent in a few pictures this morning to the Times Colonist newspaper and they emailed to thank me. They have included a few of the pictures in their reader submission section (they even credited me on my pics).

Today for homeschool, I talked with the boys about what we saw last night and how they felt about it. They each drew detailed pictures of the fire, and wrote their own news story about the blaze. It was a really great exercise for them, I think it cemented fire safety, as well as a appreciation for Firefighters and what they do.
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NOW I'm excited for Christmas

Forget Halloween, I’m all geared up to start working on Christmas projects/presents and plans. I’m feeling so happy today because I found the PERFECT Christmas dress for Lola!!! EEEKKKK!!! Now I need to book her beautiful Auntie Liz to take some holiday pics of her asap!! Liz??? Liz!!! Wait till you see this dress on Lola! :)

I’m giddy just thinking about her tearing into presents around the tree this year, it’s going to be so much fun. I don’t need anything at all for Christmas, I’m just so overjoyed to have my Lolabug.

The Sweetest Sound

The sweetest thing I’ve ever heard is the sound of my children speaking words for the first time. Sometimes it’s Mama, or MumMum – sometimes it’s Dada. Lola knows both of those now. I had no idea that a 10 month old baby would know her own name however. I was on the phone with Nathan this morning and as I took a few steps away from her playing on the floor she looked up and sadly said “LOLA!” clear as a bell. It was beautiful, she wanted me to see her and I do.

Lola is right on the verge of taking her first steps. She can pull herself up into a standing position with nothing to grab onto, just using her leg muscles. I keep seeing that look that says “I’m gonna get going now” – it’s sooo close. She’s a genius you know!

I’m so very proud of my beautiful Lola Lou. I love her immeasurably and can’t believe she’s my own little girl.


A girly room for Little Miss

Our Little Miss isn’t home with us quite yet, but thanks to my “Wonder” sis-in-law Liz she has a gorgeous girly room to come home to! I commissioned my talented sis to create an original quilt for Little Misses room (little did I know that she would plan much much more!!). Liz not only created a drool worthy quilt with such stunning details I can hardly stop looking at it, but she also added all of the finishing touches for me including drapery, pillowcases, bedskirt, and three darling little accent birds! The entire ensemble is created with Darla Fabrics from Tanya Whelan’s line, I’m such a fan of Tanya and when I saw the Darla Fabric I knew it had to find a home in my sweetie’s new room.

I can’t take credit for any of it!! LOL! The only thing I did was pick fabric and let Liz’s imagination flow, and boy did it. I’m not sure I can ever properly convey how totally blessed I feel to have a haven for our Little Miss to come home to. Liz is truly one of a kind, and I totally scored in the sister-in-law department. I doubt that many people would give so willingly of their time and talents, but she did this all while expecting a new baby of her own later this month. Liz I can’t rave enough or thank you enough!

**This quilt is a One of a Kind creation for my little one, but Liz has designed a baby blanket version that she is giving away on her blog! That’s right GIVING AWAY!!!! Scoot on over to her blog for full details of how you can win your very own Lizzy Anne Quilt (+ patterns from Tanya Whelan herself too!!)

Why you DON'T want us to Draw your Name for Christmas

Each year, Nathan’s siblings and spouses draw names for who we will gift on Christmas. This year we drew Conor and Katie who just recently headed back to Denver for school. My intentions were to get together their gifts far in advance to send back with them in their car, well that didn’t happen. So, after much hoopla I finally took their parcel to the UPS outlet last night. As the girl was helping me at the computer she gulped and said “are you ready?”, “hit me with it!” I said.

The parcel was going to cost over $200 to get to them in time for Christmas Day!! I broke into tears right in the middle of UPS, seriously, real tears. There is no way that I could afford that much to send a box, I was so upset because having a gift ON the special event day is very important to me. I was just so crushed. I opted for the cheaper $60 option to get it to them by Dec.29th, but the guilt has been eating me alive. I just can’t stomach that they are so far from home, with only a few little presents to unwrap, and no family near by. They deserve better and I totally dropped the ball. Conor and Katie, we love you guys and I’m so sorry that your gifts won’t be there for Christmas morning. I hope you will both be comforted knowing that next year another sibling couple will take good care of you two!!

Look Who's Joining Our Family

Here is our sweet little girl that will soon be joining our family! We spent the bulk of this past weekend with her, visiting, dancing and playing. The boys got to meet Little Miss for the first time and it went very well. They can’t wait to take her home and either can I! Our paperwork is in, the case worker is totally onboard, and given us the green light to bond with her to our hearts content. What joy!! Isn’t she adorable??

I’ll share more details as I’m able to over the coming weeks. We get to spend loads of time with her over the holidays and on Christmas Day!

Details I can share are that she is 18 months old, loves to dance, has darling natural curly ringlet hair. We’re so blessed!!

I Made Fudge

Today I am feeling a bit more perky and like myself. I got dressed today, and decided to make fudge with the little boys. They were home today so it was a great opportunity to do a fun and easy kitchen project with them – and there’s nothing like chocolate to lift your spirits right?!

Noah and Brigs were totally into it and asked if we could make fudge everyday. I’m sure they will help me make several pans that I have planned to give away in the coming weeks. Once Dylan arrived home I heard an audible “MMMMM!!!” from the kitchen – then I heard “This is THE BEST fudge Mom!”. I’m glad he came home to a special treat today.

My Noah is 4!

The day finally arrived, despite my denial my little Noah has turned 4 years old today! Wow, I can’t believe how quickly the time has flown by. It seems like yesterday he was my tiny little newborn baby in NICU with tubes to help him breathe. Once he arrived home from the hospital I snuggled him up and remember just wanting to be alone with him, to cherish his preciousness. I felt so blessed that he was healthy enough to come home, and I don’t think I’ve let go of him since. He’s just my little miracle boy, full of smiles and funny expressions, sweet sounds and magical big brown eyes.

These days Noah loves to pretend he is Indiana Jones or Batman, loves anything and everything his big brothers are interested in, and still loves to cuddle up with Mommy. I honestly can’t picture my life without this little man.

Today for his Birthday I’m hoping to take him outside for some pictures. I’ll share them later. Happy Happy Birthday Noah-boah, Mommy loves you more than you’ll ever know!