Dylan turns 17 – Trip to Victoria

This month my big baby boy turned 17! Can you believe that he’s that old already? I’m dying here.

As part of his Birthday gift we wanted to spend some time with our boy and make memories with him. We decided to take him (and Lola) out to visit Victoria in British Columbia. The three little boys stayed in Calgary with their Nana and Papa for several jam packed days of crafting, movies, cousins, frogging and fun!! (Thank you again Mom and Dad for taking them – they are still buzzing about all the fun they had with you!)

We arrived late at night but that didn’t discourage us from going out. We checked into our little hotel room on the Inner Harbor and walked downtown (Lola in tow) to check out the city. We found a waffle place that was open late at night and had delicious waffles around midnight.

Our adventures over the next few days included Whale Watching, exploring the island, shopping, eating at many delicious restaurants (The Blue Fox for Breakfast, Haultain Fish and Chips), walking the beaches, spotting an adorable family of seals bobbing in the ocean near us, and Zip Line/Bunjee Jumping.

I loved our trip, the entire time I felt emotional thinking about how my son is growing up so quickly. Soon things will change once again and trips alone with him won’t be happening. I’m so happy that we took this opportunity to vacation and enjoy him, he is so funny!! I hope you enjoy the little video I’ve put together to remember our adventures.

If You Can't Take The Heat…come on over

The water is COLD!! We’re working on a heater, but in the meantime we are most happy to have wetsuits. It was so hot today the boys couldn’t wait to jump into the pool and Nate was hot on their heels. (isn’t he dreamy??!!)

PS – Brigs had his haircut last night and they sprayed it red for fun, that’s why he’s got the red color. I don’t want anyone thinking he had a head injury!! LOL!

9th Anniversary

My sweetheart and I have now been married for 9 years as of August 12th! He surprised me on our day with a gorgeous delivery of dozens of white and red roses (on steroids). They were the most beautiful roses I’ve ever had, exquisite and they are still flourishing! I’m so lucky to have Nathan, I marvel often that we found each other and fell in love so quickly. Ours was a fairy tale courtship and it continues to this day. I can honestly tell you that I love him more and more with each year, and as I see him with our children I smile and know that I made the best decision of my life to marry him.

I love you Nathan, thank you for being my partner and friend. Can’t wait to make it to “10″ next year!

Back from California Paradise

We have arrived back to our home from our 10 day vacation extravaganza in Palm Desert California, and a three day blissful time in Anaheim at Disneyland. This has been our first major family vacation ever, and by that I mean that typically for holidays we pack up the family and drive to visit our parents and family. So going away to some new land “just us” felt perfectly decadent and thrilling to us.

I had no gage at all as to how the kids would travel on a plane, handle all the waiting in lines at Disney, brave the 100+ weather, airports at 5 in the morning, and enjoy each other 24/7….I just didn’t know what to expect. I must say that I have been pleasantly surprised by my sweet children who did so very well with the heat, upheaval, and change and were able to sink into vacation mode along with us without many issues at all. They LOVED it, and I found my love for them expanding throughout our experiences together. You just can’t beat the wonder in your child’s eyes when they discover sometime new, its precious. I feel so very blessed that we were able to go all together and share in many memories. That’s what it’s all about to me, giving my children great experiences together because I saw so much interest, excitement and hilarity in them experiencing new things they’d never done before.

While on our vacation, Nathan and I also celebrated our 8th Anniversary on Aug. 12th! I must say that I feel so lucky to have Nathan as my companion, he is my rock and my supporter in everything I do. I just love him so deeply and love him far more 8 years later, even though I have discovered a few minor flaws over the years! LOL! He’s my prince and my dream guy all rolled up into the most gorgeous guy I have ever seen. Thank you Honey for the best 8 years so far of my life – as we have always said “The honeymoon never ends, now we just take more little people along with us!” I love reflecting back on our wedding day and get butterflies at all we felt then, and all we have gone through together since. (this pic was taken at Newport Beach, see what I mean?? HOT!!)

I’m just going through our holiday pics right now and will be sharing shortly. For now, it’s nice to be home and I appreciate that the weather is almost comparable in temperature to what we’ve been dealing with in the desert! Nice not to have a shock to the system with snow or something crazy.

Staff Appreciation

Last night I was honored to tag along to Nathan’s big Staff Appreciation dinner at The Keg. He took his three wonder-assistants and myself out for a spectacular dinner. I must say that I was so throughly impressed with Nathan as he shared with each of them what he felt their individual strengths were, and how much he enjoyed having them on his team! It was so lovely for me to see my husband in this situation and how eloquently he thanked them each for their hard work. I know that they couldn’t help but feel his sincerity, and who wouldn’t want to bust their butt to work for someone who actually appreciates them??!

Nathan loves his profession and I constantly discover him talking in his sleep about dental procedures! I’m thrilled that he can be passionate about his career and find so much fulfillment in what he does daily to provide for our family. He is my hero!