Brigs – Black & White

Oh my little heart melter! Brigs is a precious 10 year old, seriously he makes 10 year olds seem like angels. I love his honesty, his tender heart and his addiction to Lego. Brigs is smart and fun. He doesn’t really like having pictures taken but I was able to convince him once he saw his big brother Josh was game. I love you Brigs!

Dress, Haircuts and Ski Hills

IMG_1632 Yesterday Lola wore one of her new dresses from Christmas. Thanks to Nathan’s Mom for this fun vibrant dress, I love it and so does Lola. In fact the perfect headband to go with it was picked out by Lola herself, who reached into the basket and placed it happily on her head. That girls knows her fashion! I was like…”GO GIRL!!” Nothing like dressing to impress when you’re heading downtown, we were the HIT of the car service department yesterday.

IMG_1607 My handsome little men showing off their new hairdo’s! Man are these kids huge now or am I crazy?! I can’t believe my little boys are looking more and more like young men.

By the way, I’m really loving using my favorite apps on my iPhone right now - Instagram and Camera+ they are the best for capturing life’s everyday moments when I don’t have my DSLR along for the ride. Trying desperately to capture a shot of my Noah today, but the boy is a blur when it comes to pics right now. He’s always moving.

Dylan (Tavis) is out on the ski hill today, snowboarding with a group of friends – lucky teenager! I wish I had pictures of that.

Brigs Wins Award!!

We knew it all along! Someday our Brigs would reach heights unknown, and snag himself a few fans on the way to greatness. Yesterday was that day, as he was called up in front of the entire school to receive a “Special Person” award. As far as I’m concerned that is the coolest award around, it says he has character, integrity, personality, and everything he needs in life to be successful.


Brigs I was so proud of you yesterday, your face beamed when your teacher called your name. Lola and I were there, and my heart was bursting with so much love for the amazing boy you are everyday. Your hugs are the best part of my day. I love you and I know you are indeed a “Special Person”, I’m just happy you’re in our family. We sure adore you! XOXO – Mommy

If You Can't Take The Heat…come on over

The water is COLD!! We’re working on a heater, but in the meantime we are most happy to have wetsuits. It was so hot today the boys couldn’t wait to jump into the pool and Nate was hot on their heels. (isn’t he dreamy??!!)

PS – Brigs had his haircut last night and they sprayed it red for fun, that’s why he’s got the red color. I don’t want anyone thinking he had a head injury!! LOL!