Fun Moments at Quilt Market

In the hustle and bustle of everyday life, I’ve forgotten to blog a few pics from my recent trip to Quilt Market in Salt Lake City. I was covering the event for my website Boutique Cafe, and interviewing oodles of fabric and pattern designers. It’s always a huge treat and honor to be able to showcase so many of the most talented people I’ve met – I love it!! Scores of new interviews are still on their way to Boutique Cafe so keep coming back to see more and also to snag some Market Swag from the designers. We all love a giveaway…right?!!

Here are just a few fun and funny moments from Market this time around:

Jessica Levitt
and I show off our matchy matchy camera bags! :) (Thanks to Nate’s Mom for mine, I LOVE it!!)

Hamming it up with my sweet friend Anna Maria Horner, we always have so much fun together.

Best moment ever!! Making Joel Dewberry recreate the Ty Pennington pose from a famous magazine cover. You all know it! :)

Megan and Chelsea playing dolls! :) IMG_9986

Megan (Brassy Apple) being swarmed by her blog fans. It’s true, Megan is totally recognized everywhere she goes. Here she is pictured with @Killerella and @BustyLaRue. It’s so fun to see my friend being all famous and fabulous! I love Megan!IMG_0313

Want to see a bunch of giggly girls at Market, look no further. I swear when I get together with Kim and Kris from The DIYDish, we can’t help the laughter and hijinx. :) We laughed, I cried, good times.

Most of my coverage is on Boutique Cafe and my photos are all viewable onFlickr.

CPSIA – The Sky is Falling Article

I asked Heather Flottman, designer and owner of Liliputians NYC to write an article on Boutique Cafe regarding the new CPSIA regulations that threaten our entire boutique community and handmade toys in America. Please read, comment and pass along.

The result can be found here: The Sky is Falling – CPSIA article on Boutique Cafe

And also an article written by Emily Hill owner of georgie tees and freshly baked blog Help Save Small Business

Don’t forget to cast your vote for this issue!! We’re getting noticed:

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LIVE from Quilt Market – It's Boutique Cafe!!

It’s International Quilt Market this weekend in Houston, Texas, and Boutique Cafe will be there covering the event as media!

This time around I’m eager to try something a little bit different for our community, and offer a LIVE VIDEO FEED from Market on Saturday!! This is of course dependent on the quality of the internet connection at the Convention Centre, so if glitches arise please bear with us as we’ll have other coverage as well.

So, if you’d like to join in a little Boutique Cafe history with me this Saturday, Oct. 25th (approx. 11:30 am Houston time) – we’ll give it our best college try, and see if we can hold live interviews, in real-time for you!!

In order to participate, you’ll need to join as a member, you’ll be able to participate in the Chatboard that runs next to the video feed. You’ll be able to comment, ask questions, and say hello to our guests directly! Can you say FUN?

**Once we’re setup and ready to start streaming, I’ll send a Twitter Tweet message with the url. (if you don’t have a account be sure to join and then click to follow Boutique Cafe’s updates)

See you at Market! We’re taking YOU with Us!!

To Market To Market

It’s only a few weeks away and I’ve already got butterflies in my stomach! Fall International Quilt Market in Houston Texas. I’ll be there covering market for Boutique Cafe as media – conducting interviews, networking and meeting with fabric designers and companies. It’s so exciting!

My experience at Spring Market was incredible, so the anticipation associated with this one is high! Eeek I can’t wait to see all of the talented ladies I adore, and cheer them on.

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The Domestic Diva on The Big Idea

Domestic Diva Many of us know Lisa Carroccio and her beautiful daughter Marielle from the eBay Boutique design world. This amazing and inspiring mother, designer, and hostess extraordinaire, is being featured tomorrow night Sept. 17th, 2008 on The Big Idea – with Donny Deutsch, talking about her current business emergency for her new boys clothing line Downtown Joey. Advising our “Diva” on the show will be experts from the company Chip and Pepper jeans, a multi-million dollar company sold in 42 countries! The show will air on CNBC at 10pm EST (check your local listings). The Big Idea

Lisa worked as a Boutique Cafe correspondent back in BC Show #15, in 2006 covering the Children’s Club Show in NYC. The Diva, generously hosts a massive yearly BBQ for boutique designers and their families at her own home. She has a huge reputation for being the Hostess with The Mostess and gives tirelessly to many causes. Now it’s our turn to support her.

Please tune in to cheer on our girl who gives so much to our community, her family, and especially her daughter Marielle who is currently waiting for a kidney transplant. Please pray with us for a speedy match for Marielle.

We love you Lisa – good luck tomorrow! We’ll be watching and cheering you on. XO – Daria

**For a link to Lisa’s personal blog visit The Domestic Diva’s Disasters.

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Finally Sharing it!! Quilt Market Pics

I’m FINALLY getting my butt in gear and am presently uploading pictures from our visit to International Quilt Market in Portland! I’ve been dying to share them all with you, but it takes a long time to upload that many pics – whew Flickr is laboring away as we speak.

In any case I hope you enjoy, I’ll be adding tons so check back tomorrow and there will likely be more. Don’t forget to subscribe to my flickr feed, or add me as a friend on your own Flickr account. – XO!! Daria

Click on the Badge to see them all:

Boutique Cafe's Quilt Market Portland - Spring '08 photoset Boutique Cafe’s Quilt Market Portland – Spring ’08 photoset