2014 Events Recap

The year 2014 was not my finest in the blogging realm. I wanted to be sure to at least recap in point form a few of the highlights from last year, it was both a tough year and in many ways a beautiful year too.

-Noah was Baptized in Feb and many family members came from all over to attend
-we went on a Family Vacation to Mexico for the second time and it was beautiful
-we expected and then lost a baby by miscarriage in the Spring
-Our oldest son left to serve a 2 year mission for our church (on the same day I miscarried)
-our kids got older (Dylan 20, Josh 13, Brigs 12, Noah 10 and Lola 5)
-We celebrated our 14 year Anniversary!
-We experienced the most stressful move of homes ever, but thanks to our ward and dear friends it happened and we got through.
-We lived for 10 days with our AMAZING friends the Schafers who didn’t blink when our new rental home wasn’t ready and expected us to stay with them (PS. it was wonderful!).
-Josh rescued an abandoned kitten from sure death, we fell in love and then found her a new forever home with my parents who adore her.
-Nathan and his parents celebrated my Birthday in Arizona without me because the kids all got sick and I couldn’t bear to leave them (he had several massage appointments, I did not. LOL!).
-Dylan Baptized a Mother and her son on his mission.
-The children were in Shakespeare class and a play called Stone Soup
-We had family Christmas in Calgary and it was incredible to be together.
-We spoke with our missionary for an hour on Skype and felt elated because he’s so happy and busy and loving the gospel so much.
-Nathan was called as Ward Mission Leader and has been busy busy

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