Sick of Sickness

So I’m exhausted of sickness, truly. We have been battling illness since our extended family came to us visit 4 weeks ago (I blame Nicole’s kids – HAHA kidding). It started with flu and sinus colds but turned into the most horrible awful bronchitis known to man.

Finally after every last child and myself have had it (and I’m starting to come back to life) my sweetheart Nathan is in Bronchitis land. He’s so sick, my heart aches seeing him with high fevers, night sweats, coughing, aching, you name it. The boy is sick. **UPDATE: Nathan has Walking Pneumonia

I am looking forward to one week in the near future when everyone in my whole house is well. This has been utterly exhausting trying to care for my whole family 24/7 while I needed care too. Not to mention all of my Sister-in-Laws keep posting adorable instagram photos of their current projects, sewing, cooking, and cute wardrobe choices – I’m like…Great I suck.

Stick a fork in me, I’m done.

Noah’s Baptism Day

A few pictures from Noah’s special day. If you know our Noah you definitely know that this boy is a deep thinking, deep feeling soul. He’s shy very often so he wanted to have a more personal Baptism with less onlookers there, however in the moment he was excited and grateful for all of the support and attention. It worked out perfectly! Noah is actually 9 years old, usually children are Baptized in our church when they turn 8, however we felt that Noah wasn’t quite ready and we wanted him to understand the covenant he was making. It was perfection that we waited, I’m so happy we did because as my children keep teaching me over and over again, they all come to things in their own time and when they do it’s Magic! It just clicks.

Noah was deeply concerned about going under the water, so he was overjoyed when Nathan said that he could wear goggles to be Baptized (whatever made him feel comfortable), and I have to tell you that when he walked into the Baptismal font with goggles (thanks to his Auntie Nicole who went last minute to hunt some down!!) it was the most adorable scene I’ve ever witnessed. Oh I love that boy!

We were so fortunate that Nathan’s side of the family was able to come and be a part of this special day with us! Noah’s Auntie Katie made a special Baptism towel for Noah with “CTR” on it (Choose the Right). He loves it!

Noah was Baptized and Confirmed a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latterday Saints by his Daddy. When Noah was changing after he was Baptized he said to Nathan several times “I feel so happy!” “I feel so happy to be Baptized!”

A Few Special things on the Program:

Opening Prayer : Conor Muirhead (Noah’s Uncle)

Baptism Talk : Nathan Muirhead

Song: Baptism by the Sister Missionaries (Sister Hale, Sister Nelson, Sister Jones and Sister Evangelista)

Testimonies: Jim Muirhead, Ted Murray, Daria Muirhead, Catherine Muirhead,

Talk on the Holy Ghost : Kim Kara (a special friend in our ward)

Closing Prayer: Nicole Larsen (Noah’s Aunt)

We are so grateful for everyone’s love and support of Noah! Thank you to those that came so far, and also for our family that couldn’t come but sent messages of love for him. Thank you all, it was a special day in the life of our family.

Here’s a link to the LDS church website if you would like to know more about Baptism and our Heavenly Father’s Plan for his children. I can tell you that for me living the Gospel of Jesus Christ brings me such happiness and joy, it’s the foundation of my life and my family. If you’d like to read more about my own Baptism as a child, I have recounted some fond memories on my profile here>>