My Kids: Personal Christmas Cards

Each year I always send out our family Christmas card and letter. It’s fun and all encompassing. This year however I thought it would be a fun project for the kids to create their own personal holiday card & notes and send them out. We’ve been working all afternoon using the photos that their Auntie Liz took while she was visiting this summer. (thank goodness for Photoshop to add text, and our home printer)!! We were able to print a bunch and get going.

The kids sat with me at the computer and told me exactly what they wanted their cards to say, colors everything. I was the grunt worker.

Here’s some sneek peeks. I think it’s really so lovely to include them in sending out their own personal cards to loved ones. It makes me all warm inside to see their little lists made up of the names of their family and friends who they want to reach out to of their own accord. Worth every extra stamp!!

Watch for their love for you in the mail soon.

So we sent these off as a little homeschool project, but everyone started asking where Dylan’s card was because they want to complete the set. Here’s the boy!

An October Visit with Wynders

October brought a 10 day visit from my parents (they always seem to come in Fall, next time summer right Mom??). We were so excited to have them come and celebrate their 41st Anniversary with us too. We enjoyed a wonderful day at Goldstream and enjoyed the beauty of fall here on the Island.

I love my parents so dearly, they are so special. I cherish all of the times I get to spend with them as an adult and for my children to know and love them.

An Epic Farewell Battle with Muirhead’s

Continuing with my posts of lovely visits we had with family recently, Nathan’s parents arrived in September for “fun in the sun”…literally. They came to visit with us in Victoria for a few days, but then came along on my SURPRISE 40th Birthday trip to Arizona that my darling planned for me. So much fun!!

On the morning that they left, Nate’s Mom had planned a spray string battle for us on the beach. My kids were in pure heaven getting to actually shoot their Grandparents with silly string, and it’s was “Nana’s Idea” too!!! Goodbyes are always hard so this was perfect, lots of laughs before they drove away.

Liz and her Children Visit – Summer 2013

It’s ALWAYS a total delight to have the Cranmers arrive for a visit. This year Kent didn’t make it out, but his brave beautiful wife and her crew came all on their own. Liz is a trooper, in the face of a massive accident and backed up traffic for hours on a mountain road – she braved it all! We loved our visit with you guys. Thanks for the fun memories of Berry picking, sunday church with you guys in our tiny primary, finger painting, swimming, eating, delivering newspapers on our route, family pictures, Brigs Birthday celebration and on and on!!

Lola was in heaven having Auntie Liz here. Showing off her dolls always gets the biggest reaction from Liz, she’s so fun!

Liz laying out our family clothing for pictures the next day. She’s THE BEST!!

Allow me to backtrack – Larsen’s were here!

I have to go way wayyyyy back into summer because we have had an amazing amount of company and visitors this year. It’s been so special to us to see so many we love. First came our niece Vienna, all on her own so she could get her teeth done by Uncle Nathan. (this amazing little girl drove back from Alberta with Nathan and Dylan and she was a delight!!).

This was Vienna’s “AWESOME” idea, to put Lola on the boogie board in the hot tub with the big kids and push her around. Oh my, Lola loved it!

Soon after the Larsen’s arrived for their annual trip to the Island, we love seeing them and we had a couple jam packed days.

Swimming and hot tub fun, Museum, Mount Doug Beach, Gyro Park, Tacofino (the ultimate in fish tacos! Bjorn was in heaven) and more! We love our Larsen’s!

Recreating the scene from Titanic

One of the Ultimate reasons I adore my brother in law!!!