Parksville Family Camping – instagram photos

Last weekend we planned a quick little Stay-Cation with our kids. Our trusty little tent trailer is comfy and a great way to get away on weekends. We packed up early Friday and headed up island to Parksville for camping practically on the beach.

It was a hurried trip, we had two days and only one overnight. It’s amazing what you can jam into such a short vacay! The sandy beach at Parkville is beautiful and goes out forever. It was colder while we were there so we didn’t swim, but walked the beach exploring. I ran to the local dollar store and snagged a few little kites and the boys had a blast flying them (so did Lola she was awesome!!).

I love our family! We had so much fun together!

Lola’s Rose Garden

This year Lola has really taken an interest in the flowers around our home. In fact I believe she picked every spring tulip that I had planted, and gave them to me as little tokens. Now it’s summery hot on the Island, and our roses have been bursting and beautiful this year. In fact, most of the roses are way bigger than my fist! It’s incredible.

On this particular day this week, Lola wanted to smell every (and I mean every) flower in our yard. I grabbed the camera and didn’t rush her. She was so full of wonder and delight. What a treat to see the tender way she held the buds, and brought them to her cute little nose.

The stomach flu

My little doll played hard yesterday, I never saw it coming. This morning she awoke so sick to her stomach. She was white as a ghost and shaky and hot. She couldn’t keep anything down, I felt so sad for her. After throwing up several times she looked up at me with eyes full of tears and said “Mommy, Lola is scared”. She’s so precious, I hate when my kids are sick but I love to dote on them and nurse them back to health. So today I’ve snuggled her and treated her like the little princess that she is. She’s starting to perk up a bit tonight so hopefully we’ve seen the worst of it.

Baby Goats at Carter’s Farm

Going over to my dear friend Maya’s house is total excitement for my kids (all of them). They have a darling farm and we’re so fortunate to be able to visit whenever a new baby arrives. Yesterday two baby goats were born, these sweet little twin boys were so tiny and precious to hold. Total treat!

Nate took this pic of our cuties in the van on the way over. I love looking back and seeing all of these faces.

Local Fair with my family

Today we found out the annual Brentwood Bay fair was happening. We scooted over to join in the local fun. As you can see, this is what Lola thinks of face painting – hahaha! I can’t get over how funny she was about it.

Noah was in Heaven, blue popsicle stained teeth and face painted. Check, Check! He also was able to get a cute balloon dog. Best day ever for this kid!

If you know Lola you’ll be aware that this little gal is FEARLESS! She goes full tilt and will do anything that her brothers do. I thought she might be slightly intimidated by the bouncy house and slide, it was quite high but no dice she loved it.

Nathan and the little boys, getting out of the sun and having some yummy food.

Brigs got a red balloon cat that actually clung to him. What a kid, he’s still in love with cats.

All of my kids in one shot, not even blurry. Oh wait, you can’t see Lola’s face! HAHA tried, many many many times.

Bee Line

This picture makes me laugh so hard. We attended Brentwood Bay Day, a small local fair/market today. Nathan took the kids to find food while I parked the car. When I started towards them Lola picked me out of the crowd (I was farther away than it looks) and made a total BEE LINE for me!

It’s these kind of moments, when my baby shows her adoration for me that make my heart sing. I love you Lola, and your “power run!!”

(*what do you think Liz and Katie? Does she have the makings of a marathon runner like you?)