Noah’s Dream Come True!! Cake Pop Making with Nana

It’s true what they say about the way to a man’s heart being through his stomach. Especially my little man Noah, he is in heaven when he gets to bake anything! This past week he was delighted to have his Nana here on a visit and happy to make brownie cake pops with him. He’s been talking about it ever since. (BTW, Noah totally fell in love with his Nana and told her so frequently. They also read alot of books together, and he told her “I want to read with you…because I LOVE you!”)

What a treat for us to have Nate’s parents come and stay with us for 10 days. We love being with them, and all of the fun we have together. It never matters what we do, even just hanging out is a blast because we enjoy each other so much. During their visit I hardly took a picture, I was just involved in the moment which is sometimes better than snapping away. I’m grateful to have a few shots though of their little baking date.

We managed to see the new “Oz The Great and Powerful” movie with them and Dylan. We went to dinner at the Keg, shopped, laughed, played games, went to the Lego exhibit in Sidney, ate, soaked in the hot tub, and a few of us even had a bought of the flu together (hope you guys feel better soon!). Thanks so much for the fun visit Mom and Dad – we love it when you’re with us!!

Heaven On A Plate

While shopping today with my Mother-in-Law in downtown we were needing a little sugar fix. We ran into an unassuming cafe/bakery and saw this beautiful creature in the glass case. Lemon Cake with Italian Butter Icing – HEAVEN on a plate. We were dying! I’m not kidding, best cake I’ve ever had.

We are going to stash this place away as a “MUST SEE” when we’re together and when the Earls come to visit, and when Dad gets back later this week, and when I am bored…hahaha in other words I’ll be back.

A Smooch For My Daddy

Sharing one of my favourite pictures today. Not as much for the quality of the photo, or how we look, but how it makes me feel when I see it. This is a picture of my Dad and I saying goodbye before I drove back home with the kids (at this time in our lives Nathan was going to Dental school in Saskatoon, SK and so our family was 6 hours away in Calgary). I gave him a big smooch and made him laugh because he was getting emotional (hint* I was too).

My Dad has always been a “tough guy” but there’s something you should know, he’s pure mush when it comes to his kids! I know that he loves me, he tears up whenever he has to say goodbye to me. I love my Dad.