Template for our day

For awhile now I’ve been wanting to implement something to create a Fullness of Life in our day, something for the whole family to do. It had to be simple, and it had to be easy to start our day with. I came up with this Template for our day. Each morning myself and the children sit down and discuss something we can do in each category, I’m finding that as we do this our lives are becoming more balanced and it’s easy to sit around and talk about what we did that day because we’re always seeking for things to better our hearts, home, friendships and spirit.

Here’s the Template: (* we try to do at LEAST one under each category, these are voluntary choices in addition to regular chores and family scripture study)

Work -

Learning -

Play -

Faith/Devotion -

Service -

I’m noticing a difference in how I feel about my days. Instead of the old standard “To Do” list (which totally has it’s place). I love that this gives me diversity and helps me think about how I can grow, value myself, serve others, and worship God on a daily basis. I’m excited to keep this going and see how it affects our family over the long term.
- Daria

I made a Valentine’s Day Photo Booth for the Youth Dance

This little photo booth brought so many smiles on Friday night, when I had the pleasure of creating this and snapping fun pictures of the teenagers at their Valentine Dance. I loved how surprised they were that I was there to capture them on film, and the bonus was that I used my Instax Mini “polaroid type” Camera so they got their photo to take home with them after the dance.

At first a few of the teens were unsure whether it would be social suicide to cooperate, but the moment they spied the props that I had made they ran like wild beasts to get in line. I was laughing the whole time, seeing the macho boys decline a photo but then when they saw there were moustaches on a stick it was game on! The props were so fun to make and everyone including the chaperones got in on the merriment. (PS I LOVE my Silhouette Cameo, it’s a rock star!). I felt really honored to be able to do this fun project for the youth, I adore them. I shared a tutorial of how I did this on Boutique Cafe too.

Brigs – Black & White

Oh my little heart melter! Brigs is a precious 10 year old, seriously he makes 10 year olds seem like angels. I love his honesty, his tender heart and his addiction to Lego. Brigs is smart and fun. He doesn’t really like having pictures taken but I was able to convince him once he saw his big brother Josh was game. I love you Brigs!

Joshua Black and White

It’s been quite awhile since Joshua would allow me to take photos of him, (at least without him making funny faces). Tonight he was willing, and it was so much fun to snap a couple quick shots of my boy. I don’t often share pics of my boys, but it is not because I don’t think they are adorable…it’s truly because it’s hard to catch them when they aren’t a gigantic blur. They are busy and typically a bit goofy in front of the camera at this age.

Thanks sweet Joshy for taking a few minutes to pose in front of the camera, I can’t believe how grown up you are my heart can’t take it. (*the 1st shot is in a hat that his Dad brought back from Peru for him. It’s an alpacha hat and Josh has been sleeping in it. He loves it!)

Everyday Lola

Each day I am so grateful that Lola is my little girl. When I see that face and those eyes I just can’t help falling in love all over again. She’s growing up so much right now, Nathan and I can’t believe our baby girl just turned 3. I think she’s the most beautiful girl ever made.

This is a recent picture (I’m loving my new camera by the way), I love her messy hair and sweet expression. This is the everyday Lola I adore, and I have the huge honour of being her Mommy.